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Women’s Underwear Guide – All about the World of Panty!

Do you pay attention to details when shopping for underwear? You might think you but sometimes we all forget that our underwear is important as outerwear. I would rather say, more important than your outwear because it’s the closest garment to your skin. Okay, do you know how many styles are there when it comes to underwear? If you don’t know, then it’s high time that you should know.

Wondering what’s the difference between boyshorts? Which one of them would be comfortable for everyday wear? Yeah, you probably have many more questions about underwear which you thought were too embarrassing to ask anyone. So listen up, we have listed everything you need to know about your intimates. Welcome to the world of panties (awkward smile)

  • Thongs

If you’re looking for something all-out sexy among all the different types of undies then these thongs top the list! They are sensual, sexy and everything you ask for! This popular panty silhouette offers minimal rear coverage with just a narrow band of fabric that rests between the buttocks. However, they are one of the most sought-after undies for most women as we not have to worry about the panty line with this one.

  • G-String

They’re very similar to thongs, but these have absolutely no coverage. Okay, your better understanding let’s say instead of a narrow band, a little string rests between your buttocks. These are a fancier variant of your thongs and have no waistband. 

  • Bikini Panties

You must be wondering that these may come under swimwear? Well, not really, although the cut was adopted from swimwear to form the panty style. That’s because it was the most preferred panty fit by ladies then. The bikini panties are stylish everyday panties that sit on or below the hip. They still continue to be a popular panty style amongst women across the globe. 

  • Boy shorts

As the name suggests they are styled like shorts for men. These are rectangular and provide full coverage to your booty. This will be your best bet if you are looking for something super comfy.. Boyshorts can be a good replacement for cycling shorts that you might wear under short skirts and dresses. A lot of women wear boyshorts for lounging at home, times when you want to ditch your pants!

  • Hipsters

Basically hipsters look like a cross between boy shorts and bikini panties. The waistband goes around your hip and they sit a little higher on your body when compared to your regular briefs. The best thing about these undies is that they pretty much go with almost everything. So make sure you have more than just a couple of them.

  • High-Waist Briefs

If you are looking for ways to cover up those bulges then say hello to your life saviours! These high-waist briefs are all that you need in life, if you wish your bulges could smoothen out under that fitted dress. They give you good coverage, sit above or at your belly button, provide shape to your body and are incredibly comfortable. In fact, they come with a snug elastic waistband to keep your tummy in and are designed with broader sides to cover the side bulges.

  • Seamless 

Seamless panties are different than others, they do not have thick seams and come in really soft fabrics. Unlike other types of underwear, they don’t have stitches on them, they are crafted of one stretch of fabric with no joints. Hence, making them perfect for fitted pants and dresses. These are best for women who are not really comfortable with the idea of thongs or G-strings but want to steer clear of visible panty lines.

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