For some, Fashion is always about compromise, it is an underlying rule that we all follow, however, in recent times, when we women have taken active command over the workforce – we have started prioritizing our needs. Dressing up stylishly but maintaining our comfort has now become the foremost priority, at least for me.

I mean, how do you expect me to go on with a 9 to 6 job with stilettos to look nice and tall? The idea itself is worthy of a good laugh. Fashion isn’t always about wearing something stylish, at times it is more about doing some self-exploration too.

Practicality matters a lot. Especially if you are a working woman who spends most of her time at the desk. What if you need to visit some place impromptu? Or give a presentation or attend one. Well, you need to be dressed up in a way that allows you to look your best and also be comfortable.

What I settle in for a comfy and flattering look is an upper size kurti. Trust me, it can never get out of style or go wrong for any occasion. Pairing this up with my leggings or a loose palazzo that is such a bliss in summer or rather yet my Patiala to get the Indian chick vibe, I make it a point to do it (pairing up) with my day’s schedule in mind. It helps a lot!


This makes me feel lighter, and throughout the work day I let my mind take the stress and not my body.

Recently, I decided to search for some clothes online because I seem to have robbed my local shops off all the fashion styles and trend designs. Online is a whole new arena. You see so many beautiful things that you’d actually get addicted to browsing through the options if not buying everything on the list.

That was when I saw some pop-up ads from Myntra and decided to go for it. Honestly, Myntra is what Apple is to technology – the hub of the latest. It was started with the motive of providing the latest trends to its users and thus helping them create their own taste in online shopping.

I found myself a soulful collection of jaw dropping and extremely budget friendly kurtis. Trust me, it took me a great deal of time to decide which kurta I wanted to but – each one seemed prettier and beautiful than the previous one. Finally, after breaking my heart (ha-ha), I decided on these two kurtis. The best shopping experience that I had in a while along with the ease of staying at my home and not going out for them.

What I liked about these kurtis was their flexibility, they serve the purpose efficiently. Be it fashion or style and even my budget and design demands on tow—they meet my requirements. Something that isn’t easy when you have an eclectic taste in clothing.

AKS Women Cream-Coloured & Pink Printed Straight Kurta

Image Source : AKS Women Cream-Coloured & Pink Printed Straight Kurta


Image Source: Libas Women Pink Solid A-Line Kurta with Ethnic Jacket


Image Source: Nayo Women Black & Maroon Printed Kurta with Skirt

I have started a new journey with my wardrobe through online shopping.

Author: The Fashion and City

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