Basic Winter Care Regimen

Fall has approached and the harsh winter ain’t so far. A drastic change can be seen in the everyday wardrobe, eating patterns and sleeping habits too!

The wardrobe becomes warmer and the meals become spicy, whereas when it comes to sleeping habits all feel like snuggling up a little more inside their beds in the warmth of their blankets. But do you know what all this warmth does to your highly sensitive skin?

With winter comes he season of un-estimated hair fall and dry skin that can run the deserts out of competition for the title. Why would it not be?

In the busy lives people do find it difficult to maintain a proper beauty care regime and by the time they acknowledge let alone worry, the damage has been done and all they can do now is extensive damage control. Well, here are a few tips and tricks to maintain your skin and hair the best coming winter and fall:

Winter Care Tips

Before a head wash: – the best thing one can do is go for a splendid hot oil massage for your scalp one night before the head wash. If anything, this improves the blood circulation which prevents unnecessary hair fall.

Conditioning expected: – Yes, you need to bear extra expenses on the part of hair care and so don’t forget to apply conditioner to protect your hair from roughness. It ain’t only roughness but the fizziness too that accompanies with the chilling winds of winter.

Moisturize: it is quite common for us to switch to a warm hot water bath and relaxing hot showers to relive all the spams and knots when winter knocks on the door, but this change in bathing water temperature does not necessarily set well with your skin. Hence one might as well invest in a good moisturizer so that it can regain the lost moisture of your skin! So keep applying body moisturizer lotion/butter.

Chapped lips: – Well, let’s go for something organic and apply Luke warm ghee to the winter kissed lips at night time. It helps to maintain healthy amounts of moisture.

The Ayurveda way: – One can as well apply honey/ aloe Vera to their face in the night time. A two minute massage will definitely do more good than last minute salon visit!

Multipurpose Coconut Water: – Wash your face with coconut water when you wake up and don’t wipe it off. The coconut water contains great deal of moisturizing elements that can revitalize your skin and make it dryness-proof!

Winter waxing: – Quite the dilemma if you don’t believe in No Shave November. Waxing can be a major score because it renders to leave the skin dry. Apply honey after 5 to 6 hours (it may react if applied soon after) of waxing. This way one can regain the lost moisture.

Cracked heels: – The exposed parts are the most vulnerable and easy to catch frost. The heels happen to be tender and hence one can apply coconut oil or warm mustard oil (pain relief) in their cracked heels before calling the day off.

Hot Coffee: – Well, why not raid the nearest café and develop a temporary residence over there. Even though the idea appeals more than tempting one must know that hot coffee won’t help much to keep the body hydrated and hence one must look forward to consume good amount of liquids.

Feeling winter ready already? Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the days of long nights and short days?!

Winter is coming, the air triumphantly says!

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