Why Moms Choose Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes over Ordinary Wipes

Babies are the purest souls that fill our lives with joy to the brim. Their delicate skin, those tiny hands and feet, that innocent toothless smile, their mumbles, everything seems so divine and heavenly. Infants and babies light up the lives of their parents and all other family members.

Thus, the parents and family members want the best for them. Be it their clothes or products used on their skin, everything should be chosen with care. And who knows their baby better than their own mothers?

So, today the product that I am going to talk about is a baby care product that has recently become the favorite of most of the mothers. It’s Mother Sparsh baby water based wipes, that most of the mothers are choosing over clothes or any other ordinary wipes.


About Mother Sparsh Baby water based wipes:


Mother Sparsh Baby wet wipes is a pure ayurvedic product. This is composed of natural herbs, such as aloe vera, that make it completely safe for use on the skin of babies and infants.

The main component of the Mother Sparsh Baby wipes is water and is probably the only water based wipes in India. The brand completely understands that babies have extremely delicate skin, thus they developed this product keeping it water based. This product is 98% water and rests 2% is completely natural herbs. Thus these wipes are as good as a fresh cotton ball dipped in clear water with natural herbs in it.

These two key ingredients or components of the wipes are completely safe. Thus, these wipes are hypo-allergic or non-allergic and are completely safe for babies or even infants. They can be used on baby skins, right after they are born as they will not cause any side effects.

What makes Mother Sparsh Baby wet wipes stand out from other wipes?


Any baby product will stand out if they are free from chemicals and thus are safe for the babies. This is exactly the reason why Mother Sparsh Baby wipes stand out from the rest of the wet wipes.

The Mother Sparsh Baby wet wipes are completely free from any kind of adversities or chemicals and are also biodegradable wipes. Which means these clinically proven water based wipes are Parabens and Alcohol Free Wet Wipes, which makes it completely safe for not only kids or babies but also for infants.


A product which is made up mostly of water and has no side effects on the skin of babies ought to grab the limelight and stand out. Thus, its ingredients and mild nature are what makes the product so special.

Comparing Mother Sparsh’s baby water based wipes with ordinary or normal wipes:


1) Most of the baby wet wipes from other brands contain chemicals in them. Chemicals such as alcohol and paraben. These chemicals can cause severe allergies even to adults having sensitive skin, then how much they can affect the skin of an infant whose skin is 10 times more delicate. But Mother Sparsh Baby wet wipes are free from all these chemicals. These alcohol free baby wipes are composed of natural herbs and water but mainly water. Thus they are gentle on the skin of the baby and do not cause any allergy or rashes on their skin. Thus Mother Sparsh Baby water based wipes are the kind that prevents from Diaper Rashes Wipes

2) If you compare, you will notice that normal wipes are quite thick textured with more thread count. But that is not the case with Mother Sparsh Baby wet wipes. They are thin as compared to any other wipes available in the market as they have a lower thread count. In order to make Skin Friendly Natural Fabric wipes, Sparsh made this baby wet wipes completely polyester free baby wipes.

3) The packing of these wipes is done with utmost care and research that ensures that these wipes retain moisture for a longer period of time.

4) Mother Sparsh water based wipes contain optimum moisture that glides smoothly on the skin of the soft and supple skin of babies without being harsh on their skin. That is not the case with other wipes that go harsh on the skin, sometimes even scratching the skin.

5)These wipes do not contain any added perfume unlike most of the other wipes, which may harm the sensitive skin of the little ones.


A few added advantages of Mother Sparsh Baby water based wipes:

  • These wipes being water based are good for all skin types and thus can be used by adults for refreshing their skin in the middle of the day when they are not at home.
  • It can be used by adults for the purpose of removing their make up.
  • These wipes have a refreshing natural smell that lingers around for a long period of time.
  • Easily available in the market and on Amazon and is reasonably priced.

So if you are worried for your little one’s sensitive skin, you may try these wipes out as they are completely natural, hypo-allergic and pH balanced wet wipes. And considering the fact that this product by Mother Sparsh is completely parabens and alcohol free wet wipes, most of the mother consider these wipes as the best baby wipes.

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