Watching movies is not something that you do in your leisure any more. To be quite honest, we kind of resent the idea of watching movies only when we have free time. There are some like us who take time and watch films, which acts as a stress-buster in our hectic lives. This is not something new to us, is it? We would literally wait for days for our parents to take us to the theater to watch some good movies. Also, it was just Bollywood in our wishlist. Many a time, we would love to check out the dubbed ones to just for the sheer fresh appeal our local language gives to the movie. Like, for example, Titanic is one movie that many in India still remember, despite many not understanding English. That’s because the movie was also released in Hindi and other languages. Fast forward 20 years, we still continue to watch dubbed movies, not only because we can’t get the language but also because we love the very experience it gives.


But the times have changed and so have we. Nowadays, for you to watch good dubbed movies online, all you have to do is just visit an online streaming service like and that is it. For this list, we are looking at the reasons why we love dubbed movies and why they will always have a special space in our hearts.

Accent/Language Barrier: Let’s kick things off with the most basic reason why we love dubbed ones. While most of us love watching movies, we really have a hard time getting used to the accent or are unfamiliar with the movie’s language. But none of this is an issue when it comes to dubbed movies. This opens a whole new window for those who have been confining themselves only to content in their language. The biggest example of this is the rising popularity of dubbed South Indian movies that are incredibly popular across India, be it North or Central India.

Production Value: In addition to featuring some of the best story line and exceptional cast and crew, Hollywood and South Indian movies have great production value. Like who would like to see top-notch VFX and mind-boggling stunts!!?

Genres: Genres are everything when it comes to movies. Every industry has its own strong genre. Dubbed movies make it easier for us to watch movies belonging to our favorite genre. Be it larger than life Hollywood movies or the nerve-racking South Indian thrillers, dubbed movies got everything that will keep you entertained.

The Fun: No matter how hard we try to delay it, it is very evident that dubbed movies are a whole lot of fun to watch. Be it a different approach towards the movie or the genre, there is no denying that every industry has a different approach towards various genres and dubbed movies let you be a part of all those experiences. That too in your native language! There is something associated with the idea of watching a movie in your native language because every time you do, you will end up with a grin on your face.

So, in short, dubbed movies are here to stay and especially since the advent of online streaming platforms like ZEE5. Especially with ZEE5’s extensive efforts in dubbing content from various languages, it seems like a good place to indulge in some entertaining movies online, irrespective of language.

So, tell us, what do you think about dubbed movies? Which is your favourite dubbed movie? Let me know in the comment section.

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