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Whimsical Wedding Jewellery Trends For 2022

Find your favourites from nostalgic baubles to bold, self-expressive pieces. New year, new wedding jewellery trends.

No doubt some timeless trends continue to remain in vogue, but we have some interesting newcomers for 2022.

Jewellery is the essence of an Indian bride’s attire. A bridal trousseau is built by carefully choosing every single piece of Indian jewellery according to the bride’s preferences, outfits, trends, and value. However, this year, the conventional Indian jewellery seems to be getting a twist with bold contemporary jewellery – almost like a renaissance!

Bookmark your favourites as you get bedazzled by the wedding jewellery trends for 2022.

1. The Traditionally Rooted Polki and Kundan

For brides that want to stay close to their traditions, timeless styles like polki, kundan, and jadau can make the perfect bridal jewellery pieces. Kundan jewellery is made from gemstones and glass, while polki involves using uncut, raw diamonds. Both kundan and polki jewelry can add subtle glitter and classic ethnic elegance to any Indian wedding attire. These traditional, yet vogueish jewellery styles are the epitome of art and meticulous craftsmanship that define the very details of the Indian heritage and royalty culture.

2. The Crowning Glory of The Maang Tikka

A must-have for a traditional Indian bride, maang tikka can be chosen as per the size of your forehead. Although jadau, kundan, pearl, and precious gemstone embedded maang tikkas are the many options available to an Indian bride, this year is about playing it down to maintain a modern understated look.

If you are inspired by a traditional Rajasthani bridal look, you could explore matha pattis, a heavier version of the maang tikkas that can give a very extraordinary royal look to any bride.

3. The Bold and Blingy Choker

Swap the thin chains with bold and blingy chokers this year to add instant glam to your subtle outfits. This captivating, neck-hugging jewellery piece has been a consistent part of every bride’s wedding troupe, and rightly so. Because chokers give a very put together yet sultry look to any outfit with minimal effort.

Go for polki, kundan, ruby, emerald, or multi-colour beaded chokers according to your bridal outfit. It will make you look enthralling nonetheless!

4. The Maharani Style Necklace

Once again, layering rows of neckpieces is going to make waves!

Maharani style bridal necklaces may comprise of multi-stone pieces paired with delicate chains or 4 to 5 simple statement pieces layered together. Kundan, emeralds, pearls, and mirror work can all be used to style a multi-layered bridal necklace to add a sense of gloriousness to any bridal attire.

A modern, minimalistic bride may balance out the heaviness of a bridal Indian necklace by choosing smaller size earrings, maang tikka, or bangles to maintain an ideal blend of fashion and convention.

5. A Whole New Level of Colour

One of the most popular wedding jewellery trends is to add a subtle hint of colour. Brides are sporting colourful jewellery with dreamy pastel beads, synthetic stones studded in gold, and vivid zircon.

Wearing coloured jewellery in contrast to the wedding outfit can brings up a whole new level of the colour trend. For instance, brides wearing a pastel pink lehenga look gorgeous with green coloured jewellery.

6. The Dangling Beauty of Kaleera

Kaleeras are no more only a Punjabi wedding tradition. Customized pairs of kaleera not only elevate the whole look of an Indian bride but also bring a fun element in the air. Nowadays, you can find many stylish and designer kaleera options in the Indian jewellery market.

7. The Overloaded Bangle Stack

No Indian jewellery box is complete without bangles. And when it comes to a wedding jewellery box, a stack of bangles is said to have the true essence of an Indian bride.

Wedding bangles carry different traditional meanings and emotions. While the stack up game is trending in 2022, you can mix and match bangles or get them customized according to something meaningful to you.

8. The Dainty Haath Phools

Haath phools are ornaments that are used to decorate the hands (back of the palms). However, this year, more subtle haath phools made with pearls and a bit of gold around the fingers and wrists are trending.

You can try haath phools in various designs like floral, ghungroos, beads, gottapatti, kundan, and even minimal diamond style for a cocktail party.

Now that you know what’s trending in 2022, get shopping for your favourites. Make it personal and playful and buy the prefect wedding jewelry for your big day. We are sure your bridal jewellery will spark joy and leave everyone jaw-dropped as you walk down the aisle!

Author Bio: Niyati Shah is a content specialist with Aurus Jewels, where she helps the digital team in developing unique, engaging, and informative lifestyle content. She covers the latest trends and topics pertaining to fine Indian jewelry, be it modern, traditional, or antique. She also writes on topics that help define and guide women, especially brides. With her experience in design and fashion, along with her passion for jewelry, she offers insightful value to her readers.

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