A time like this is extremely stressful for the parents of young children, pregnant women, and expectant fathers. Although you may control your kids to some extent, it is crucial to provide them with guidelines on what they should and shouldn’t do. To combat the situation, we have put together a list.

Good Hand Hygiene

Hand hygiene is the need of the hour, and it is something children struggle to get right, perhaps because they get bored or don’t understand its importance. Practising good hygiene is critical, and measures include kids not touching their eyes, mouth, or nose with unwashed hands and covering their mouth and nose when sneezing.

You should encourage children to wash their hands after using the restroom, before eating, and when they get home from play. You should have them wash their hands for at least 20 minutes, and two rounds of singing “Happy Birthday” will do the trick.

Don’t rely solely on hand sanitizers

Washing hands with soap and water is much more effective at removing germs than hand sanitizers. Therefore, make it a habit to use sanitizers after washing their hands thoroughly or use them only when you do not have access to soap and water. Also, products like ‘Purell’ work only when it has fully dried, which may not be something children are willing to wait for.

Avoid Handshakes

Businesses and places of worship have banned the practice of shaking hands to reduce the spread of Coronavirus. However, it doesn’t mean kids refrain from greeting others. An alternative greeting strategy is to put their hands together, a manner of greeting native to India.

Encourage kids to change their clothes

According to Fradin, there is still a relatively small chance that a child’s clothing will carry an infection, but it is a simple precaution to have your child change their clothes or cotton onesies daily to keep them fresh and clean. 

Practice kids into putting their clothes and shoes by the door when they come home

as they may carry in bacteria from the outside. Similarly, backpacks and bags need to be left at the door. In addition, you may want to consider clean and organic clothes for your kids. Finally, since children imitate their parents’ actions, make sure that you model the desired behaviour.

Keep your kids away from Contaminations

The viruses are likely to affect older people and people with certain medical conditions, so take extra precautions with more at-risk family members.

Make sure your kids wash their hands frequently and avoid close contact with those with a higher risk of developing the coronavirus, or other diseases.

Clean your home frequently

Make sure to thoroughly clean areas of the house frequently used in order to prevent the spread of bacteria or virus. Some of the most touched items in the home include refrigerator doors, rails, gadgets, remotes, toys, etc…

Use anti-bacterial cleaning products and leave the surface wet for at least 15 to 30 seconds to maximize its effects.

Avoid crowded areas

CDC scientists have warned that the coronavirus spreads through the air by way of tiny droplets produced by a sick person’s breathing, talking, coughing and sneezing. In close proximity to one another, the virus spreads most easily. Therefore, you may want to consider staying away from heavily crowded areas, like markets, malls, beaches, etc…

Bottom line 

When you read about the health crisis constantly, you are likely to feel stressed and anxious. So instead, disconnect from the internet and schedule some time to spend with your family discussing different topics and doing fun things. 

Your child, too, needs special care and attention during this time. Allow yourself some time to focus just on them every day. Make sure you listen and reassure them. Focus on staying calm and practising mindfulness. Eventually, this too shall pass.

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