It feels as if it is your wedding, more than it can ever be hers! You have the apt amount of limelight and even spotlight on you and hence it is your cue to look the best for all the amazing images that are about to be clicked and the memories to be made.



It is not as if you can go chic on the guests and get blanching reactions from them. It is a wedding for heaven’s sake but your BFF’s wedding at that too. This means it is the time for you to wear traditional and go all ultra-ethnic on the clothes to make them look the part, and yet style them in a fashion that maintains your essence and gives birth to a new “all you” look.

How can one go wrong with a perfectly plain saree and a combustible bordered blouse that sets the look on fire? Yes, that is what I decided to recreate. The Diva look on your best friend’s wedding will shower you compliments.





The embroidered blouse is all glittery and glossy which means that if you go Indian with the jewelleries and accessories then you’d look something more than your age which is a BIG NO, I tell you. What you need is a delicate balance that maintains your integrity as a young-ling and at the same time adds an aura of aged sensuality around you. Come on! It is ‘you’ in saree for heaven’s sake which means that you gotta play it really Bollywood yet modern too.

To make my look something that appears of coming of the age I decided to team up my traditional saree with fashion jewellery. The whole new sophisticated look is all because of the black neck choker and bold drop earring that dangles behind the ear too. It is necessary that we play it real smooth.






Done with the clothing and accessories now was the time to get the perfect look, as in, the hairdo. Let me admit it that though I am stylish I do seek comfort too. All I did was to tie up my tresses into a nice pony and let my flicks wander away. Restraining those wandering hair in curlers I gave them nice twirls to get a retro look that goes with my ensemble.


You need to look simply elegant. Even if it is your BFF’s wedding don’t try to overrule the Bride’s day because it is when she has monopoly. Other than that, you have every reason to look beautiful and grab some compliments and attention alike.

Author: The Fashion and City

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