Amazon prime’s latest show ‘Four more shots please’ has been quite the rollercoaster ride! The first thing that came to my mind after watching the season was what happens next?! 10 episodes are clearly not enough and fans all around are eagerly waiting for updates about season 2. Till then, let me decode for you what the fad is all about.

I’d rate this show 4/5


The web-series revolves around the lives of 4 women – best friends to be particular who met at the ‘Truck Bar’ 3 years ago and have stayed strong since then. The perfect combination of friendship, love, life struggles and fun, this show captures various aspects of a woman’s everyday life, in a cinematic way of course.

Cast and characters:

1) Bani J. plays the complex character of Umang Singh a fitness trainer from Chandigarh who has finally created quite the foothold for herself in Mumbai. Also, she is bisexual which leads to certain scenarios that you wouldn’t have expected of. Things start falling in place when she moves on from her past and falls in love with one of her clients who is a mega movie-star – still in the closet about her sexuality! What happens when the truth comes out? You’ll have to watch the show to know!

2) Kirti Kulhari plays the role of Anjana Menon a high-profile lawyer, a divorcee and a mother of 3-year old daughter. The character development shown and the everyday struggle of a single working mother and how she balances work life while feeling guilt for not spending time with her daughter speaks of a woman’s everyday trouble. Will have to give Kirti a 10/10 for her brilliant acting skills!

Also, to add to the chaos her husband moves on and she finds herself falling for her intern! Things definitely take a spicy turn over here!

3) Sayani Gupta plays the role of Damini, the Editor-in-Chief of her dream job. Everything in her life is as sorted as it can get, only if! Right from unexpected yet desired encounters with her hot, good looking and fit gynecologist Milind Soman to her no-strings-attached dating policy, she is a character that every career-conscious and ambitious woman would be able to associate herself with. What happens when she falls for the guy who decided to move on from her? Wouldn’t you want to know?!

4) Maanvi Gagroo plays the role of Siddhi Patel, your everyday plus-size woman who finds it difficult to accept her body the way it is, the only difference is that she doesn’t care that much! Well, however, her mother does! Her mother quite insistent on the fact of getting her married tries weird methods of getting her hitched up which leads to good amount of frustration and fun together. Many women out there will find it easy to relate to this character of the series.

The best part about the series is that there is no dull moment over here. This doesn’t mean that things are rushed up because they are not! The intensity and chemistry between characters can be felt and the type of friendship and support system that they all have makes us feel enviable about it.

But, as all good things come to an end, even their friendship comes to a hurdle that looks difficult to cross. What do you think will happen next?

The series ends on an emotional note which makes me wishing for more and that too soon! I would like to recommend this web-series to all the women out there and celebrate the beauty and joy of friendship!

Author: The Fashion and City

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