Have you ever been one of those guys that buys a dream mobile and a week later the price is slashed and so is your heart? Well, an exponentially higher magnitude of pain is what you receive when you find out that there was something better in store for your marriage arrangements than what you received. This isn’t just a blank emotion that you read from a hollow writer trying to fill up your computer screen but a very true story. I married my love on December 2017 and the celebration was exactly what we planned.  But there seemed to be something missing, the factor we thought would have been the one memory that stood out for the rest of our lives. But we were content with what we received.

A couple of weeks pass by and then I come across wedmegood.com. And that’s when regrets begun. No matter how hard we prepare for a wedding and reception it never is enough. We always have a lingering thought that silently whispers “it could have been better” within our hearts and minds. And if one doesn’t, I would gladly suggest them this website and watch them regret too. Be it the pics that they display or the blog articles that gives us tips, everything they put up is perfect and makes us wish of why we hadn’t come across it before.





From outfits, mehendi, to venues and vendors, this website covers everything. No matter how deep into the curves we search for a mehendi design that is both trendy and traditional, we find something better in their blog section. The same goes to venues and vendors. You can find beautiful banquets in Chattarpur if you are getting married in Delhi NCR. Similarly, you can find venues, photographers, makeup artists, etc. in your preferred location and budget.

Additionally, this website also gives us deals on wedding venues and more that helps in saving on our wedding budget.



Is your budget not that high? Well, I would personally recommend you give wedmegood a try. With a detailed documentation of planners and vendors in almost every major city in India and also a few more abroad, this site is, will and should be a must visit for all. Additionally, this is the only wedding platform as far as I know that gives us the option to utilize them on the go with a mobile app for both android and iOS. The guides they have in their website is a dictionary when it comes to weddings and one soon to be married shouldn’t ignore it.  

So, in all, if I were to describe wedmegood in a sentence it would go something like this; An entire wedding planning reduced to just one app – wedmegood


Author: Syed Asif

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