Take Wedding Dresses on Rent and Save Money: Best Deal

Guest Post by Vikas Kumawat


It was the wedding of my second cousin that was taking place in Delhi. And I was very excited about the wedding because it was in my favorite city. I spent three years in the city during my first posting as a civil engineer on a government-run project. At that time searched it thoroughly. The city is totally rich with many famous food stalls. Delhi food is famous. Some are towards the outside city areas where I used to go with my colleagues. After seven years now I have come to the city and it is completely nostalgic.

When I arrived in the city, first I visited the lanes in which I used to spend my time with my friends and then checked in to a hotel. The wedding was in hotel Leela. When I arrived to the hotel, Sangeet ceremony was going on and my cousin sisters and brothers were dancing. When they saw me, they took me instantly to the stage where all were dancing. I did some steps with them just moving here and there, not much real dancing. After the Sangeet ceremony our plan was for shopping. I didn’t get the chance to buy earlier so I thought that when I reached the city I went shopping, needed to buy some dashing clothes. Fortunately, my two brothers accompanied me for shopping because they also wanted to buy some bright designs. We went to the celebration mall there which was opened last year. The architecture was amazing and all the clothes’ brands were there. We bought some but I wanted to buy sherwani which was very costly there on which I didn’t want to spend much. They are only for one time used. My cousin brother bought one and wore in the wedding but later regretted that why he spent so much money on it. Because he knew that it would rest in Almirah.

My cousin brothers went after buying clothes and I went to buy Sherwani on rent. I searched on Google and looked for wedding dress on rent in Delhi. With just a single tap, many shops got available and I inquired about each one on the phone because I only needed for a day. According to my budget, only two shops I settled with. I went there and saw some Sherwanis. After going through many, I liked a blue one with a little embroidery on it including flower patches. I rented it for a day and went to the hotel.

Next day was the final day of the wedding and everyone was doing last minutes preparations. I was dressing up myself, wore the rented sherwani and went to the wedding venue in the hotel. When my cousin brothers saw me in the beautiful sherwani, they got shocked and started to ask me from where I bought this beautiful sherwani and in how much price. I said simply with calmness in voice, “I took it on rent for a day and only in 1000 rupees”. Hearing this they died there! While they bought in 7000 rupees. That’s why it is said whenever you buy something, buy wise! I enjoyed the wedding, ate the awesome food and another next day I went to Mumbai again to join my office. One thing I want to say weddings are always a fun, and especially if it is in your family.

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