I literally had been spending my time near the doorsteps to receive the delivery of this particular
dress that I had ordered from The Wedding Brigade.  It was my birthday on tow and let’s just say that what I craved for was something ethnic this year. Birthday falling on a week day means office and trust me, it’s ethnic that’d help you survive the day!( I must say this, I feel more comfort in ethnic if have to wear for longer period).



This blue beauty from Wedding Brigade had me focused on it as soon as I set my eyes on it. It was definitely worth the wait. The dress was a right fit. Give it to the proper dress chart that helped my mind be put at ease. Also, I
did not have to look around for any sorts of defect or mismatch, trust me, even though websites are trusted this sort of thing happens, finding no fault with the dress helped me settle down in ease with the brand. Made me quite the loyalist over here and yes, I might as well shop from the site in near future when something like this grabs my attention again!


The long length blue colored kurta with long sleeves and a formal looking neckline with buttons and all gave me quite the look that I was looking forth for in a dress that I might wear in a special day to office.


The palazzo pants were a boon. There can be nothing as comfortable as a palazzo. It’s as if the designers came up with this piece of clothing keeping in mind the free spirit of women and how they dislike to be clogged up in formal dress pants and jeans all the time. Even more comfortable than your Patiala gherwala pyjama at times. There’s no comparison I guess.


The pink and blue dupatta was charming. When using these two colors you need to really play it safe otherwise it creates one hell of a fashion mess-up and the way Wedding Brigade had amalgamated these ones in a dupatta had me falling for it instantly. Layering up blue and pink in waves is a really nice idea.

Talk about the price and this is where I got bummed. The dress is great really but when you say it
costed you 3,000, that’s where my pocket gets a heart attack. Worth the wait and watch and the money too, however 3,000 was a tad too overpriced when you think about budgeting and also accessorizing your outfit at the same time. You might want to explore many things with 3,000 in your hands.


I’d say.

About Wedding Brigade: Provides you everything from venue, to makeup and mehndi artists, photographers and everything that you look out for in your wedding. Helps brides take major decisions for their D-day with their panel of experts. Along with these, they endorse quite a range of ethnic wear that ranges from everyday usage to
special occasions.

Author: The Fashion and City

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