Cupid and his arrows, damn! This Valentine’s Day is my first, after officially being recognized as a married man. Well, there definitely had to be something special planned for my better half and things indeed did go better than I planned for It (I did not plan anything big). She wasn’t the ones to be wooed with flowers and chocolates, so I had to think a bit deeper. But I wasn’t able to go beyond pastries.


Well my wife on the other hand, surprised me with a rose plant, a couple of other flowering plants and then a tulsi plant (I love having plants around me). Now that’s four and I had to top it. I started thinking even harder and yet again I couldn’t go beyond pastries. If I do remember exactly, she indeed was craving for cakes the entire week. It seemed like her cravings and NOT MY DEEP DESIRES that wanted pastries.


I have almost every eatery and delivery app on my phone and Faasos was one among a few that I was yet to use. I had a 100 credit in it and thought of utilizing it up today. A few days earlier a dish called Raspberry Cheesecake Shot caught my eye and I wanted to try it ever since. This came in a package of 5 shot cups and since it toppled my wife’s 4 plants I didn’t have to think about it twice. Order placed, used the credits and the placed order came way before their promised time and very shortly I received this message from their team via SMS.

Hi Syed! Sorry to boast, but we delivered your order 9363401 in 29 mins, which happens to be 40 mins earlier than promised. Phew!! Let’s know if you need any help 7700020020”


Cocky guys! Well, they had my attention then; and after tasting the shots I had to appreciate them. It was mind blowing. We had two each and the fifth was a dilemma, we had to share it and my wife obviously wanted me to take the first scoop. I without any hesitation dug my spoon and made sure that I get a larger chunk. But, it backfired – I ended up with the smaller scoop whereas she had a larger one.(Which she still denies)


I had to let the cocky guys know that the food was delicious and hence I tweeted them this!

For a twitter handle with 58.5 k followers, I wasn’t exactly expecting a reply from them. But there it was-

At this point of time I was quiet sure that there is something coming in.

NOTE: My wife had no idea that I tweeted Faasos.

And then a call comes after an hour or so from a delivery guy. I collect the package and voila, a three shots of the same Raspberry Cheesecake now making it an even 8, hence 4 for each. Though we did share the third shot again, the gesture is what mattered here. It indeed was a surprise from Faasos for us!!! If this doesn’t make me order at least once every week I don’t know what will!


Author: Syed Asif

Dull… Hideous… A right amount of funny… And lately obese… One good thing, i love writing, not the studies stuff… Films… Crazy about those..