Unboxing HAPPY HAMPER December 2017 – #BLUSHINGBRIDE

Unboxing my subscription of the Happy Hamper December 2017, I couldn’t contain my excitement and glee! Though they had already made it public about the theme of this month’s edition – The Blushing Bride but the contents were not mentioned!

Having a look at the products gave me serious wedding season goals to go buy this December and after having a look at Virushka’s wedding I can assure you that every bride to be is looking forward to be pampered just like that!


Feeling like a bride is being on top of the world and this hamper just makes that possible.

The products were legit wedding goals come true!

Pampering and hampering goes hand in hand. Ask why?

Well, how do you pamper your near and dear ones and shower them with your affection? Show them that they mean the absolute world to you?

Gifting is the way.

By giving someone a gift you communicate with them in the most intimate way and show them that you care and even know!

That is what the Blushing Bride Edition by happyhamper.in is all about.


What’s in this hamper?

1> Instaglam Bridal Glow Night Serum:



This has to be the chief highlight of the hamper set. Night serum that helps you gain the facial glow and radiance! It promises to provide you a flawless, spot free even tone skin. Apply 4 to 5 drops of the serum on face and leave overnight. This serum is a mix of  Pomegranate Seed, Carrot Seed, , Argan Oil, Carrot Seed, Neroli, Rosehip Seed Oil, Rose, Lemon and many more.

2> Mcaffeine Silver Caffeine Glow Gel with Aloe Vera:



When you have Aloevera on the board your skin experiences the perks of being treated in a holy abode. As it says it helps your skin glow naturally. This glow gel contains Vitamin C & E which nourish the skin and Caffeine which tones it. It is suitable for all skin types.

3> Seasoul Dead Sea Anti Tan Spa Manicure:



Because your hands and feet that have remnants of tan need to be looked after too.

4> Inatur Sandal Facial Mask Sheet:



This is what the face needs in winter. Something for the face to glow and look beautiful. This mask will moisturize you skin because of the goodness of sandal, turmeric, blackberry and vetiver.

5>Vedantika Ubton:



A blessed warm bath with Ubton on your body. The ultimate skin food for your delicate skin in winters. Replenishes it and revives it too. Bride to be can vouch for this.

6> Instaglam Gift Voucher:



Happy Hamper exclusively has given a coupon code which gives you flat 15% off on your next Instaglam service.

7>Henna Cone and Golden Bangles: 




Hey, we women need something pretty on us too! Henna brings out the old age intricate designing charm. Something alluring and classy is what these suggest. Taut, curvy and frigid – the ultimate haute culture look this wedding season.

The hamper is the ultimate happiness for any bride to be and also those who feel like pampering their near and dear ones or even themselves for that matter!

The best way to self-indulge into some hampering is right here!

About happyhamper.in:

It is an online website wherein one can go and browse through their monthly hampers of ultimate happiness that comes at a price to put a smile on your face.

This month the edition is all about a bride (that too a blushing one) and hence the hamper contains all sort of assortments that a bride to be would ask for, or even her close counterparts who feel like making the most of the bridal shower and what not?!

From gift vouchers to discount vouchers and carefully selected beauty products from different assortments, the hampers sent by happyhamper.in are indeed God sent.

One can find all that they need in a particular calendar month in these hampers. Keeping in mind the customer needs, the hampers prepared are sophisticated to perfection. It is an ideal ‘paisa wasool’ deal for most of the women who engage in the hampering happiness!

So let’s let it out and enjoy this month full of joy, marriages, blushing brides, dashing grooms and gift hampers that seem to be heaven sent!


Author: The Fashion and City

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