I love Jewelry – Gold and Diamonds. I’m a woman – Monica Bellucci

Jewelry isn’t just a piece of metal scraped together by some unknown. A craft so minutely dealt with that enhances and showcases beauty beyond measures. Like Monica Bellucci says, women love jewelry, period. The world today adapts to the ways that seem to go well with their lives; be it technology or fashion. But it is upon us to stay updated – Here are 8 such trendy jewelry that comes under the ‘MUST OWN’ category for women.

Ear Cuff:

Everything that dangles is classic and is history. Ear cuffs are quite different though! Being a latest addition to the accessories, it isn’t a surprise to know why this is winning hearts. From fancy stones to embedded diamonds these ear cuffs are something that  every women should have.

Ear Cuff



Unlike its name, the choker isn’t something that actually chokes you but rather envies the by-passers. Encircling your neck, this piece of fashion accessory would go well with every attire in your wardrobe. Minute stone embeds, or just plain black fabric with a geometrical pendant or a single pearl intensifies the overall posture one desires to attain.



Multi Layer Necklace:

Though the Multi Layer Necklace format has been present for years now, the ones being sold in today’s market is quite unique. Unlike the old fashioned similar patterned design in every layer, the newcomers are turning heads with multi-designed layers in the same necklace. Apart from the pattern difference, the stone work and the precious metals used too are at times alternatively joined in making a single necklace. This at present is considered a HOT going trend!!!

multi-layer necklace



Midi Rings:

Accessioning your fingers will be, if not should always be a priority. Be it a Sanskaari Namaste or a formal handshake, the way your hand is presented says a lot about you. And midi rings are an odd something that satisfies both the traditional and the modern look. An augmented look can be achieved by combining a set of single rings too.

Midi Rings


Single Anklets:

Though there haven’t been a lot to accessorize one’s feet with, the fashion improvements have been constant and are often considered a lot trendier. Single anklets have been making great buzz in the fashion industry and it totally deserves it. The buzz has reached to great extent making boys too to flaunt it. Despite being a fashion statement, a few wear single anklets believing it to wear off evil.



Bangle Bracelet:

Bangles or bracelets? The B’ or B’ conundrum isn’t something new. What best fits your attire is the go-too choice for all. But when something that goes well with every outfit is introduced, the crowd is overwhelmed and marches in to be the first to parade it. Bangle Bracelets are exactly what deserves this welcoming; a trendy yet subtle look or all occasions.



Mismatch Earrings:

The name gives it all! Mismatch Earrings are among the latest fashion trends making rounds this year. Previously the necessity for earrings to match was the greatest concern, but with this in the market, the alteration in trend is clearly visible. Many consider this more than just a fashion statement, describing it to be factor that points out being odd isn’t a fault but beauty. Put these on with your casual pair of jeans and there you go, you now are a Fashionista!



Nail Rings:
Accessories for your fingers will never be out of fashion and improvisations will always be present and evolving in the market. The latest trend that adds another product to the line of finger fashion is the Nail Rings. A much popular trend similar to this is the nail art, but the time consumption in this process and the fear of damaging the nails have always been a concern. Hence the origin of Nail rings! Being considered by every woman these days, nail rings have raised a great deal of interest among all age groups.

nail rings


People change, hence the trend too changes with it. Try not to run from it and embrace it. At the end it is you and your fashion sense that remains; culture it – nurture it and pamper yourself. And TFAC is always here to let you know what that little ‘Fashionista’ inside you requires!

Image Sources: Etsy

Author: Syed Asif

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