Las Vegas is a big city, where you can try everything you’ve never tried before. You can eat many different meals, including fast food and exotic food. You can drink a lot, party till late, and spend your money left and right. Every hotel is a casino and every big casino is a hotel, where you can live and play all at once. To polish your successful hang-out, you can eat a pint of ice-cream and desserts. How is it possible to stay healthy in the Sin City? Don’t give up! First of all, you need to rent a car and pack it in the right way. Remember, Vegas is a city where you can rent any car you like or ever wanted. All the craziest ideas are welcomed! You may rent a Cadillac, Ford Mustang or something more exotic from the automotive industry. As a Jeep fan, you may contact to Vegas Jeep rental and get the best car for a dessert road and the best price for such a useful car. Nothing can stop you now. So, let’s pack. Of course, Jeep is a huge car and you can put a grocery store in it.

Here is a list of healthy and useful treats you will definitely need on the go:

  • Sport protein bars
  • Apples
  • Oatmeal with pumpkin seeds and huts
  • Hot tea
  • Peppermints
  • Much water


Sport protein bars and fruits are not enough to feel good and eat healthy. It’s hard to believe but you can find many healthy cafes and restaurants to visit in Vegas. Also, you can ask for healthy food in the hotel restaurants.

1> Visit Purple Potato

Sounds great! If you think that healthy food is boring and tasteless, you should come here. There was a time when Purple Potato was a small cafe. Now, this is a big restaurant with many thankful clients. You can take breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Look through the menu. The restaurant offers gluten-free and vegan dishes like salads, porridge, different veggie bowls and wraps. Try smoothie! All cost less than $10. What is more, you can make an order online from whenever you are!

2> Go to Rachel’s Kitchen

You can meet this restaurant in many city districts. Whenever you are, in Centennial Hills, Henderson, or Downtown, you can eat healthy in Rachel’s. You can’t find anything special here for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu consists of such extremely healthy options as fruit and vegetable salads, veggie and tuna burgers, chicken sandwiches, fresh smoothies.

Go to Rachel’s Kitchen

3> Try SkinnyFATS

Yeah, you heard it right! Visit Skinny Fats if you are hungry in Vegas. By the way, take your friends with you even if they are not healthy food followers. The half of the menu is healthy and the other half is our ritual food. What’s your choice? Of course, you can order something like burger or juicy steak or, instead, give a chance to zucchini noodles or fried pickles. Don’t worry about your weight. Most of veggie dishes are under 600 calories. By the way, try Cranburkey. This is a kind of turkey burger with tomatoes, onion, and cranberry. The taste is really amazing and extremely new. Luckily, SkinnyFATS can be found all over the city.

4> Visit Pure Vegan Cafe

The cafe is situated in Downtown. By the way, this is a popular and always overcrowded place. Looking for healthy veggie dishes, come here. If you are lucky, you can meet vegan celebrities with their dinner. What about the menu? You’ll be impressed of their creativity! The menu is worth reading first! It includes such interesting dishes as Mama Mia Lasagna, Chili Cheese Fries. Have you ever tried Coconut Salad? You have a chance to try it in Vegas.

Visit Pure Vegan Cafe

5> Stop at VegeNation

Meet another Downtown popular eating place – VegeNation. Have you ever thought of street food as something healthy? The restaurant offers 100 percent plant-based street food. Traditionally, you can come here for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Never miss desserts and cocktail hours. Now, let’s look at the menu. You’ve probably heard about buffalo wings, but you have a chance to try cauliflower buffalo wings. Their chocolate tacos are the best desserts in Downtown.

6> Go to Spring Valley for Protein Source

If you need a protein boost, go to the Protein Source. There are two restaurants in Spring Valley. As you can understand from the restaurant’s name, it is situated close to the city popular fitness centers. This is the best food spot for sportsmen and healthy–eating people. Try their burrito, protein waffles, and berry bomb salad.

The list is not full. You can add your variant of a popular Vegas cafe or restaurant where you can eat healthy and tasty. It is important to eat good food and drink much water while traveling. That’s why forget about street-side fast foods. Drive your car a while longer and find a place worth your money.

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