How to Travel Across the USA cheaply

How to Travel Across the USA in Cheap Cost

Are you a road travel junkie? have you always daydreams to travel across the USA by road. Beaches of Florida are so attracting. spending a week in Alaska, camping, hunting and ice fishing. Oh! man, It just gives you goosebumps. and don’t talk about Vegas. They say you could be a millionaire overnight gambling there or who knows you could lose all savings too. In either case, Vegas is not the place that should be missed. These are some top rated cities I am talking about. There are so many places out there which are a paradise for all type of vagabonds. whether you are an adventure and survival lover like me. Or you are a classy explorer. America provides to all.


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But, then there come people like me. When I plan a trip, I get too ambitious. my bucket list is way too big for my purse. So, I have to find a way out. This article my friends is for you if you are short of budget but you can’t let your travel across the USA dream go. This article is for you also if are happy to save few extra bucks so that you can buy stuff for your loved ones. Not only The United States but This article will definitely prove helpful for all traveling all places across the globe.

How to save money on your travel across the USA trip


There are many ways to travel across the USA on a budget. Whether you want to go cheapest or you want to just keep it little down the average, there are always ways to cut your expenses and keep focusing on what is more of value to you. SO, here are the ways how you can cut down your expenses without cutting down your experiences.




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Since This is one of the fixed expenses, if you manage to tackle down this part, your overall budget will automatically go down. There are many options for solving this part.

Couchsurfing: This is a service that allows you to stay for free with locals in the area. You could get a spare room or you could sleep on the couch as the name suggests. This option comes with a bonus. You will get chance to taste the local dishes also if the landlord is kind enough that too for free. More than that you get to meet the local people. You learn their culture and they can tell you better what to do stuff in that particular area. All You have to do is to find the right people at the right place. Couchsurf and similar websites like Airbnb can help you with that.

Airbnb is another cheaper option for finding single room hotels and shared spaces across the USA. the average budget for a single night will be about $30-$40. but as I said you will rarely have to pay for a hotel. When You will start meeting new people you will develop a skill to talk to them and you will get an expert for Couchsurfing with time.

Camping: Around all the national parks are inexpensive campsites. So If you have a camping gear you should probably camp while visiting national parks. campsites are between $10-30 per night. more than that you can camp in local people garden for a small fee. for that look for some websites that will get you the profiles listed there.

From all the options available, Couch surfing and camping are my favorite. These not only cut down your budget but also allow you to meet the community while you travel across the USA.




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As I said before couch surfing gives you chance to get a taste of local food. If your host is kind enough you will be eating homemade tasty food for dinner. Or at least, you will be given directions for cheap local hotels which will not cost you as much as KFC of Mac’ds. 

While you are camping or you are on road, My suggestion is to cook your own food as much as possible. This is a simple technique to save money. cook your own food and be happy.




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There are many options to cut down your sightseeing costs while you travel across the USA.

A National Park Pass: For $80 you can purchase an annual national park pass that provides access to all 59 National Parks. So If you are on road for a long time, you can cover more than 5 national parks. The cost will go down to $15 dollars a visit. There is a huge variety of landscapes and wildlife in the United States. So, avoiding the national parks along your way is not favorable. Some of the recognized national parks are Yosemite, Yellowstone, The Grand Canyon, Glacier, Redwood national park, Zion and the Grand Tetons.

City Tourism Cards: These allow you to see a large number of attractions that may include free transportation. The cost is around $30-40. They provide free access to museums, reduced access to attractions and restaurant discounts. You can purchase the card at tourist information centers or online before you visit there.

Apart from that, there are various free visiting places and museums you do not leave behind. So these are the hacks that will allow you to cut down your costs while you get a proper essence of sights while you travel across the USA.




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United States have not a Railway system. So you have to travel only by road or air. Since we talking about how to travel cheap, leave the air part. So we are now left with traveling on road.

HitchHiking: This is basically a mode of transportation which is pursued by asking people to travel with them. This is usually(not always) free and saves you a lot of money. But you have to get used to it and you will not always get a free ride that easily.

Rideshare: taking on riders on your trip from A to B can cut the money by almost half. You can offer rides to people where you are staying. If you find a fellow traveler looking for a ride, this will be great enough.

First of all, you will have to get a car. If you are resident of the United States, you can purchase a used one or a cheap car. Or, you are a foreigner then you can rent a car for your trip. If any friend of your can help you with that. You can cut the purchase cost and all you have to spend on is gas.


Now Since you have understood most of the aspects of traveling. Now I am sure you can go to travel across the USA and you will not have to spend more than $50 a day. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and go out. The beautiful places of United States are waiting for you. Happy Traveling!

Author Bio: Prabhakar is an aspiring travel blogger and adventure travel  junkie  who loves to do mad stuff while on a trip. He shares his views on his blog  The Indian Rover. His new article is Travel around America.

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