Traditional Look Book – Diwali Wishlist Compilation

A long due article from my side! With festive occasions and personal events, the Diwali special had a lot to be postponed and here is the final compilation look. But right before jumping into the compilation there are a few pointers for readers here on why traditional is always the best path to take during festive events.




  • Diwali in particular is a festival where we celebrate the victory of good over evil. From head to toe, the entire occasion oozes tradition and I for one wouldn’t prefer western and casual that contradicts the very essence.
  • Despite what character the casual outfits display, traditional seems to up the ante of the style factor. Hands down, there isn’t anything western that beats a white kurti and a red dupatta.
  • The most important of all factors is accessorizing – Be it chains, bangles, anklets or anything you wish or in this sector, without doubt traditional outfit is what enhances those too.


And now to the compilation:

The White Kurti

The one shown below – plain white yet embroidered with a white lining underneath. Stitched and gifted!

white kurti

The Pink Dupatta

The one crazy feature of a white kurti is the wide range of colored dupatta that goes well with it. The one shown here is my pink wedding dupatta with a lot of border work done.

pink dupatta

Broad Bangles:

The third item that needs to be ticked off from the list is the broad Bangles. Though gold would be a great accessory to showcase your Glam & Glitter, fancy ones are no less. This broad bangle was purchased for a nominal rate of Rs:95 from the local market.


Chandbali Earrings

Similar to and as gracious the word ‘Chandbali’ appears t be and sound, is the product too. Greatly amplifying the outfit and the broad bangles, Chandbali Earrings have an innate tendency to take the over-all look a notch higher. Also purchased from the Local Market for Rs:130/-.


The final look:

Fashion and the City’ is immensely proud in giving out this perfect outfit the best fit for Diwali this season. The combined look is an evidental proof for how good this actually is and does justice.



Author: Syed Asif

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  1. Lovely article. Same with me Diwali is strictly traditional dressing for me. I prefer some heavy sari with lots of gold jewelry. I loved you white kurta and the pink dupatta is absolutely beautiful not forgetting the gorgeous kada and chandbali 🙂

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