Top things you need to know about spinel gems

This amazing gemstone is a little-known secret, if you will ask people about it they would get confused. This gemstone is very rare and not available in common jewelry stores. It is as perfect as ruby or sapphire. If you want to make your jewelry collection more beautiful you can add this gemstone. 

What spinel is? 

At first, the spinel was mistaken for corundum. The main reason for that was, people find it in the same mines as corundum. The spinel was identified only due to modern gemological technology. Due to the presence of chromium and iron, it gains its colors. Most of the spinel gems come from Burma, Sri Lanka, and, Tanzania. When people find that this stone is not ruby or sapphire, it earned a bad reputation. An interesting fact is that the famous crown of England also has this stone which was thought to be a ruby. When it was found it was named The Black Prince’s Ruby. Here are some of the gemmy facts about the spinel. 

Spectacular color

The most interesting fact about spinel is that it has almost every color. You can find a spinal in red, orange, green, yellow, blue, violet, or purple. Due to the trace amounts of chromium in it, you can find red and pink spinels. When there are only trace amounts of iron then it receives blue color. When there are both traces of iron and chromium then you can find purple and orange spinels. 

Brilliant luster

The quality and intensity of light that the surface of the gem reflects are known as Luster. Play a spinel under the light when you find it. The brilliant luster will impress and surprise you. In all of the gems, the one that can accept one of the brightest polishes is spinel. Only the diamond sphene and zircon can exceed the luster of the spinel. Subadamantine is found in the spinel gemstone. 

Superior hardness

Another important fact about a spinel gemstone is its hardness. Due to the hardness of the stone, there are very few chances of any scratches. A gem can resist abrasion without scratching due to the element of high hardness. This property of the gems can last up for years or even for a lifetime. The trend for colored stones is increasing day by day. Due to its superior hardness, the spinel gems should be in the spotlight. You can use it in your engagement jewelry. Spinel has a hardness of 8 out of 10 on the Mohs hardness scale. 

Toughness and durability

A material can resist breaking only due to the ability of toughness. Spinel is a very tough and durable gemstone. Like the diamond and topaz, it does not exhibit cleavage. Only a few materials can give a minor scratch to the spinel due to its hardness. Its hardness and toughness make spinel so durable. Due to the element of durability, we can use it for jewelry purposes. 

The new August birthstone

A birthstone is one of the most important things that can make a gemstone popular. Spinel is the birthstone for August. Before spinel was known as a birthstone it was not known to the people. Now every year due to its increasing trends people are learning more and more about it. Now in many countries, the trend of giving birthstone jewelry is increasing day by day, especially on birthdays. 

Owned by the emperors and kings 

It’s a very old tradition that many rulers in the past had significant gems in their royal collections. Due to the durability of the stones, we can still find the history inscribed on the surface. 

The focal stone of the queens

In jewelry, there are two most focal stones, red and blue. As spinal occurs in blue and red color and have the properties that can rival the rubies and sapphires. After the 1800s scientists found out that ruby and spinels are two separate gemstones. Before that spinel gems were found in the crown of kings and queens. 

Very rare but relatively inexpensive

This gemstone is very rare than the ruby and has very great colors, luster, and a beautiful appearance. With all of those exciting properties, it is still less expensive than any other gem. The reason behind that thing is that its demand is very less. Due to its unique properties both, its demand and price will increase in the future. 

Phenomenal gem

The word phenomenal has a special role in gemology. The gems that have a special optical reaction to the light are given this name. A spinel gem can reflect the light from specific directions due to its specimens that contain thousands of needle-shaped crystals of rutile. These were some of the interesting facts about the spinel gemstone. The demand for them will increase shortly.

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