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Top Bridal Dresses for 2018

One of the events very difficult to describe in words is “WEDDING.” The reason – the bride and bridegrooms are on the path to start a new life. Together. For their entire lifetime. It is an occasion which brings not only two individuals together, but two families. Period. It is the only event where every guest wants to look his/her best before the guests. Now, if the guests have the thought, what about the bride and bride groom? Their dress should steal the show.

Do you know that March 1 is the National Wedding Planning Day? In this article, we are going to throw light on the top bridal dresses for 2018.

So, your marriage is not on the cards, but it is going to happen on a grand scale. Celebrations galore, we can notice the radiant glow in your face and eyes. Your family members have started looking for the perfect venue and excellent vendors. Now, you need to put the list for guests and registry. And yes, for the biggest event in your life, you need the showstopper dress – the bridal one. Oh! Did we forget the matching shoes for the dress?

We have gone through the height and breadth of online fashion trends. The best of fashion trends for wedding this year are in the article. So here we go, to march you right through the trends that may stop on December 31 2018 or may continue to the Spring of 2019.

1.Colorful Dresses

Colourful dresses

Usually in a wedding, it is white for the bride and black for the bridegroom. That has been the fashion always. But yes, times and fashion have changed. The reason – millennial’s accounted for majority of the world population. The brides are now going for rose, red and yellow colors for their bridal dress. Will you believe in the future, black bridal dresses will be the order of the day? Then what will the bridegroom wear? White?

2. Skin Baring Dress Styles

skin baring dress style

Are you on the lookout for a wedding dress, which has a backless design till the waist? Well, at least the searches in Europe for wedding dresses has proved so. In fact, girls soon going to walk the aisle have checked on only two words. They are “backless” “sexy” in the last year.

3. Modest Silhouettes

Bridal dress

It is a surprise, that modest silhouettes are going to become the trend. But more to-be brides are opting for dresses with high necks and long sleeves. So if you look at the search for the dress, it has risen to 47 percent.

4. Embroidered Details

embroidery dress

Is it that Dior and Gucci have made a sudden turnaround in the wedding market? The reason, embroidery bridal wear has gained 40 percent more views in the internet. When you compare the designs, bold stars and bright blooms come among the most preferred.

5. Affordable Prices

affordable price

The D-day is the most important day of your life. You make every effort to look more glamorous and appealing to the audience. The market for bridal dresses has good news for you. The prices have dropped by five percent. There are excellent designs of bridal dresses at affordable prices. You can find them at Topshop, Reformation, Asos, and many more. But yes, have a talk with your to-be hubby before deciding on the final dress code.

6. Statement Veils

statement veil

Traditional veils are becoming more fashionable. They have changed from a normal sleek garment to fringe as well tiny blooms. Also getting added are the metallic stars. And yes, the radiating embellishments.

7. Bridal Capes

bridal capes

Yes, the changes are yet to happen in many weddings along the line. And when they happen, there definitely will be happiness all around, such as on the runaway and the aisle.

8. Hair Clips and Head Pieces

Hair Clips and HeadPieces

Many among our loyal audience has stuck to watching the awards show on television. The red carpet dresses have caused many fashion trends since the old ages, and this time also it is the same. The sales for headpieces and hair clips have gone by a staggering 39 percent since the last year. The brand most sought – Simone Rocha hair clips have become the order of the day. But there will be a difference. The London designer has focused on crystals and faux pearls. But the would-be brides will go for colorful jewels in hair accessories.

Are the old fashion trends making a comeback? Wait and watch. According to a popular survey magazine, the bridal products of the 1920’s (feather) are on the rise.

9. Stacking Rings

stacking rings

There has been, always be trends on jewellery. It seems, the recent is the huge sale of stacking rings. The result shows the same as when you search the internet, the number confirm it as more than 1,00,000. So, if you are a bride-to-be who always dresses as per the trend, then on the D-day, be the trend setter. Yes, you can try the various designs as per your bridal wear.

10. Celebrity Inspirations


Yes, celebrities are demi-Gods in some countries. Period. No wedding is complete without a little copy of their dresses from the red carpet, wedding and other events. A search on the internet and you will find that searches are more for Pippa Middleton, Serena Williams and the wedding dresses of Giles Deacon.

The other most searched personalities are Miranda Kerr, Chanel Iman and Emily Ratajkowski.

11. Meghan Markle Effect


Yes, the royal wedding has raised many eyebrows and also made an impact on the fashion trend. True, the name is Meghan Markle Effect.


So, these are the top bridal fashions for this year. We had hit the ground and scourged through the internet to bring you the latest updates. But, do you feel that you will need help for your gala wedding in a urban city such as Bangalore? First, the engagement. Do you want to hire the help of a experienced engagement planner in Bangalore? Yes, you can depend on referrals and other methods. But there is also an easy way out. There are companies in Bangalore who have verified engagement planners in their services. You can select the best company, and download the app for placing a request. Yes, you can select the best engagement planner as per the budget. The first round of discussion, you can arrange at your own convenience. On the specified day, the professional company executive will come to your home. Or any desired place of your choice to discuss the arrangement. If you approve of their service, they will definitely make your engagement the talk of the town.

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