Doing your makeup is a fun experience, especially if you love to experiment with different colors, shapes & looks. However, not a lot of women are quick & confident when it comes to their makeup application. Do you want to change this? If so, you will love finding out about our top 8 makeup hacks that will come in handy at any given point! Here’s how to look flawless, confident, as well as beautiful with 8 makeup tricks!

Top 8 Makeup Hacks

1. Mix BB Cream With Highlighter

Mix BB Cream With Highlighter

Use your favorite and trustworthy BB cream instead of your foundation if you are in a rush early in the morning. Also, a BB cream has moisturizing properties and can act as an amazing replacement for your everyday moisturizer. Mix it with 1-2 drops of your favorite liquid highlighter to get that refreshed, nourished, as well as glowy & dewy look! Apply the product with your fingers for a natural finish!

2. Use Concealer As An Eye-shadow Primer

If you are an eye-shadow person and you love to play with eye makeup, make sure you prime properly! The best way to do that is with your favorite concealer. Apply it over your lids and do the eye-shadow on top of the concealer! If you love makeup products that are great for multi-tasking, invest in your concealer and thank us later!

3. Warm Up Your Eye Pencil

If your kohl pencil is dried out or if it is not giving you as much of pigment, try and warm it up! These eye pencils can easily dry out, and you can bring back the pigment with an actual lighter. Press it against the tip of the pencil and let the flame warm up the product. After 5 seconds press the pencil against a sheet of paper to get it going. Once it cools down do your eye makeup! Be gentle with this step however, and only do it if you are confident.

4. Get Lash Extensions

Get Lash Extensions

Lash extensions are a must-have addition to your face, and they will suit women who love long-lasting makeup. A set of lash extensions is applied at a lash salon. Once one, these lashes can stay on for 3+ weeks! Women love them since lash extensions are low-maintenance, and they will allow you to save so much time early in the morning when getting ready. No reason to apply mascara, false lashes, or even use a lash curler! Your lashes will already look voluminous and extravagant on their own!

5. Use A Cheek Tint

A cheek tint (or a liquid blush) is a must-have makeup item that can help you multitask on a daily basis. You can apply this cheek tint onto your cheeks, lips, and you can even use it as an eye-shadow! Just make sure you use colors such as pinks, corals, oranges or nudes since these will easily blend and will make the most sense once applied all over your face.

6. Use A Blotting Paper

A blotting paper is a must-have item for women who have oily skin types. You should use a blotting paper all over your T-zone. It will help you achieve a matte look, and it will remove all of your unwanted oils. Just bring these sheets with you when you’re out the door, and press against the skin!

7. Use White Eyeliner In Your Waterline

White eyeliner will open up your eyes and make them look so much bigger. Apply a white kohl liner into your waterline and your eyes will look a lot more prominent and rounded! This trick is a must for women who have small, almond or hooded shaped eyes.

8. Set Your Face And Your Hair In Place

Lastly, you should always set your makeup in place. By spritzing your skin 2-3 times with a makeup setter, you are actually prolonging the lifespan of your makeup. However, a trustworthy & mattifying setting spray can also hide away and keep in place any little baby hairs! Make sure you bring a mini-setting spray with you whenever you’re out of the house!

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