Not only women, but men also love wearing stylish and classy-looking gold ornaments. One of the ornaments that both men and women like and are fascinated with is a gold chainThis simple piece of jewellery is available in multiple designs, styles, and patterns. The gold chains are designed to add value to the entire ensemble. Trends keep changing, but the fascination with gold chains has not diminished. Here we bring you unique designs and styles available in this jewellery item.

Gold Rope Chains

The first gold chain style that is quite popular among men is a gold rope chain available in 14K or 18K gold. Its design is such that it suits men perfectly. The chain is twisted and has solid links that are supple and sturdy. It also comes with a safety clasp. It is a vintage-designed rope gold  chain that is 24 inches long and 3 mm wide. It is spectacular in looks and light in weight. 

Fancy Gold Chain

It is a beautiful and classic design, and hence is the ideal gold chain for women, which comes with yellow and white chains twisted together. It is a fine piece of statement jewellery that comes in a good width making it a durable and sturdy piece. Wear it daily or on a special occasion to compliment your dress and make you look well put-together. It will make your dress stylish.

Foxtail Gold Chain

It is a classic gold chain, wearing which will give you an elegant and stylish appeal. It can be worn like a standalone chain or with an attractive pendant to provide a heavier and designer look. When this lovely chain is worn with an ethnic ensemble, it adds to the wearer’s traditional look. It can also be used as a mangalsutra worn by married Indian women. 

Bilwa Gold Chain

It is an attractive, lightweight, and stylish-looking gold chain which can be worn daily. It has chain links made up of 22K gold. This chain is a fine example of exquisite craftsmanship. It looks grand and heavy in design, although it is low in weight. 

Sterling Rope Chain

It is an attractive gold chain for men in a 24-inch rope chain pattern. It can be made in 14K or 18K gold. It is elegant and simple in design. A lobster claw clasp secures the chain, which is finished with a diamond cut. Wearing it on a special occasion or daily is entirely up to you. It will give you a nice look every time you choose to wear it. 

Gold Chain with a twisted knot

It is an exquisite and stylish gold chain. It is available in 14K or 18K gold. It has a twisted knot in the middle with a gold pearl enhancing its beauty. The detailed look of the knot in the middle imparts a designer look to this chain. There is no shortage of unique and incredible-looking gold chains available in multiple designs, styles, and patterns. Choose any one of them and complete your look. Make a style statement with the classy gold chains.

Author: The Fashion and City

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