wet wipes

To Prevent Rashes, Change Your Ordinary Wipes Today!

wet wipes

Are you noticing rashes on your baby’s skin that just don’t tend to leave? Or is it that every time you clean your little heart with the wipes, they tend to get irritated? If you notice or have been noticing any of these symptoms, then dear mommies it is probably the time for you to switch to new wipes!

The cause of all the rashes on the skin of your baby or their irritated behavior might be cause of the ordinary wipes that you have been using to clean them. Usually, ordinary wipes contain parabens and other harmful chemicals, mainly alcohol. These chemicals are not at all good or suitable for the delicate skin of your baby. These harmful chemicals often tend to interfere with the natural ph balance of their skin, which in turn harms their skin badly.


Products containing parabens are not suitable for the matured skin of adults, then think of the harmful side effects it can cause to the immature skin of your toddler. Thus, it is highly recommended to use paraben, polyester and all other chemical free wipes on your baby’s skin to allow the skin to breathe and stay healthy.

The ultimate solution – Mother Sparsh Wipes

So, have you already tried looking for a brand that produces wipes that are completely natural and paraben free but failed? Not to worry, I have a solution for you!

I have discovered just the right brand for you that manufactures wipes that are completely natural and 99% safe! Mother Sparsh wipes – this is India’s first water-based wipes brand! Yes, that is true, it has even been proven that Mother Sparsh wipes are completely chemical free and is 100% natural.

Proof of the purity of Mother Sparsh Wipes…

Many people would suggest you different products so you might be wondering why should you believe my words? Completely agreed! why should you take my words, see for yourself.

To check the purity of these wipes takes the flame test. The flame test is a famous test suggested by doctors, which will help you unlock the purity of the wipes that you use on the skin of your baby. A detailed blog on this topic has already been covered by me, so for further details check out the blog by clicking on the link here…

So, if you take the flame test you will see for yourself that mother Sparsh water wipes are completely natural. The composition of the wipes consists of 98% water and the rest of the 2% consists of completely natural herbs. Thus it may easily be concluded that mother Sparsh wipes are as good as pure water and cotton. As a matter of fact, these wipes are even better than cotton balls or clothes dipped in water.

Why is Mother Sparsh wipes better than a fresh cloth dipped in water?

It has been clinically proven that even after washing a cloth thoroughly, it retains up to 10 grams of feces! This means no matter what, a cloth can never be completely free from germs. On the other hand, Mother Sparsh wipes have anti-bacterial properties which makes them completely free from any kind of germs or bacteria.

To sum up…

Mother Sparsh Wipes are completely water-based with a very thin texture that is not harsh on the skin of your baby. These are also chemical free and have anti-bacterial properties. All these properties make Mother Sparsh wipes the best choice for your baby.

So Moms, what is all the wait about? Switch to Mother Sparsh wipes today!

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