What is a life without make-up, right? With all the flawlessness and beauty, you can rock the world and keep your chin up with confidence. But sometimes, everyday make-up tutorials can get boring and become way too common as well. Let us tell you something; now that we know the ultimate beauty tips for women, we cannot wait to share it with you all! From healthy and hydrated skin to pink lips, we have got you a list an everyday makeup hacks. 

Beauty tips for face, lips, and more:


For long-lasting lipstick on lips.

Before applying that gorgeous lipstick shade of yours, apply some transparent lip wax or petroleum jelly so that the lipstick lasts longer and does not chap every now and then. You can also draw the lip line with the help of the lip wax in case you do not want to cover the whole lips and end up getting a glossy lip pout. 

Problem in filling your lips with the lipstick?

We all have been through the phase when we could not draw our lips right with the lipstick, and we surely know how annoying that is. For the perfect lip definition, take the lip liner and draw an X on the upper lip and then draw the rest of the part with either the lip liner or the lipstick you were planning to wear. For an ombre, you can draw the lips with a darker shade and then fill in with a lighter shade of the lipstick. 

No matte lipstick? Worry no more!

Life can become a mess when you want a matte texture on your lips all of a sudden but you are more of a glossy person. Well, we have got your back, or maybe, your powder has got your back. Dab a little amount of powder on your lips right after applying your lipstick and you get the matte finish just in a second or two. Easy, isn’t it?

Blender is not just for blending the makeup anymore.

This sound stupid, right? But it really isn’t. You can use blenders for sunscreens, face creams, and serums. Not will this only help the product to blend properly but also give your face a little soft massage for better blood flow. Your skin will not just look clean but also healthy and fresh with this hack.

No-makeup makeup is a beautiful craving.

If you ask if how many women go for a no-makeup make-up look, then there is a high chance that every single woman will raise her hand. Not just that, makeup tips for older women as well is inspired and derived from this no-makeup makeup look. The steps are pretty simple; mix your foundation with your regular moisturizer or face oil and apply it evenly throughout the face with the help of a beauty blender. 

Sharpen your feature without any contour.

Contour takes a good amount of time but yes, you are already late for your office. But guess what? You can give a highlighted feature with the help of a bronzer.  Draw 3 in both the sides of your face right from the forehead to the jawline and then blend it softly. 

Get your eyebrows on fleek. 

Just like your lips, you’re the shape of your eyebrows might be confusing as well. Take some time, study and understand. It might take a while but it’s worth it. Depending on the shape of your face, get your eyebrows plucked. For example, if you have a round face, make sure that your eyebrows have angles as it will help to define your facial features more prominently and highlight the structure of your face. 

Make a long-term commitment with your makeup.

No one likes when the makeup melts down right after some time. Makeups stay in place especially when you have a smooth and clear base. Always use a primer before putting the makeup for a long-lasting commitment. 

Must do:


Do buy makeup from well-known brands and wash your face properly for healthy skin. Always use products that suit your skin type and which would not react opposite to what you thought. Lastly, drink loads of water for the natural and even makeup that will stay forever with you. 

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