Our love for cakes and cupcakes have been everlasting as these little creamy pies have never failed to excite our taste buds. We all are very used to flavours such as vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, etc. But one glance of this slice of cake will make you crave more for this chocolatey goodness of Black Forest cake. We all are thankful to the Germans who have brought this treat into this world. These black forest cakes have been everyone’s favorite since the time they have arrived in the pastry industry. You can get them easily these days by placing an online cake delivery at your home.


History of Black Forest Cake

Black Forest Cake is a traditional German cake that is also known as Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte. History says that this cake has taken its name from the traditional costume worn by the women of the Black forest. People have different stories about the origin of this Black Forest Cake. This dessert made its appearance in the 1930s in a cooking book and then gained popularity after World War II. As claims say that black forest cake was first invented and baked by Josef Keller. He was a manager of Cafe Agner in Bad Godesberg, which is now a suburb in Bonn. As per another belief, this dessert has originated from the Black Forests that are located in the mountains of Baden-Wurttemberg. Presently it is said the book with the original recipe of the cake is with Claus Schaefer, son of August Schaefer. 

It is not directly named after the Black Forest mountain range but is named after a special liquor called Schwarzwalder Kirsch. This liquor is a special ingredient of the cake and is made by the distillation of morello cherries by fermenting them. It is used to soak the sponge cake and then is also mixed in the whipped cream. The decoration of the cake with red cherries on top is inspired by the traditional costume of women of Black Forest. They have a traditional hat with red pom-poms on the top of it that has inspired this design. 

This Black Forest cake is not just popular in Germany; it is also a traditional dessert in Switzerland, Italy, and Austria. All countries now prepare the cake with variations such as some add kirsch to it, whereas some countries add rum, and some do not add any of these. These days the pastry chefs have come up with a black forest cupcake, and this variation has created a rage in the food industry.

Black Forest Cake

This delectable cake has multiple layers of sponge cake and a huge forest of cherries, whipped cream, and chocolate shavings. It has been roaming around the world with the same recipe until one of the chefs invented a new way to bake it. Getting bored of this same thing, again and again, is quite obvious for all of us. So, these days our chefs in the pastry industry has come with a new black forest cupcake recipe. It is nothing but a smaller version with a proper dose of whipped cream and berries. 

With time, people have come up with a lot of variations for meeting the needs of different people. There are gluten-free, sugar-free, and vegan cakes in the market. It is easy these days to find hundreds of recipes for this delicious cake on online websites. One can make a cake or cupcakes at home easily. Only remember to soak the sponge cake in the kirsch or fill the kirsch in cupcakes. The kirsch is what makes it different from other cakes. You can top the cake or cupcakes with chocolate curls, dragees, or chocolate leaves. 

Many times, it happens that we crave for these yummy desserts but are unable to prepare them ourselves. At such times, comes the online cake delivery services to the rescue. We at Winni, also provide cake delivery of such delicious cakes that are prepared by our expert bakers. They take care of everything that is required to make a delicious black forest cake, whether it is the preparation of kirsch, chocolate leaves, whipped cream, or any toppings.

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