Everyone likes getting dolled up once a while, and what comes handy then, are a few tips and tricks that you must have up your sleeves to perfect your makeup look! Be it for the office, a day out, or an evening out, a perfect makeup, that is quick and convenient is loved by everyone!

Fret no more, you won’t have to keep running to YouTube tutorials anymore! We have complied for you, ten most clever makeup hacks, that will make your life so much easier.

1>> Make sure of a perfect lighting

Makeup tends to appear differently and different colored lights. So, you must do your makeup in the light you are likely to stay in. for example, if you’re dressing up for a day event that will be out in the sunlight, make sure to do you your makeup in natural light, and same for night events.

2>> Your makeup should suit your skin

Bad quality of a makeup can make things worse for you than it will do wonders. Check for any rash or allergies on your arm when you buy any new makeup before applying it on your face. Whilst you’re shopping for makeup, use Urban Outfitters coupons when you pay, and get assured discounts on every purchase.


3>> Colored nail polish hack

Tired of tainted nails every time you apply and remove a dark colored nail polish? Use a transparent or a white colored base coat before applying the nail paint, and prevent the dark color to creep into your nails!

4>> Get the perfect wing!

Struggling to get the perfect winged eyeliner? Use simple kitchen tools to get it right! Use the back of a spoon or a fork as a stencil to draw the wing and get the angle perfect for both the eyes. Try this, and you can thank us later!

5>> Match your eye shadow with your lips

Love your new eye shadow palette, and wishing you could use the same colors on your lips too? You won’t have to go hunting anymore! Just mix some of the eye shadow with some petroleum jelly, and it’s good to be used as a lip color.

6>> Make your eye shadow pop

If you’re tired of your eye shadow blending in with your skin and looking pale and dull, we have the perfect hack for you! Using a white eyeliner, fill your eyelids first. Apply the eye shadow over that, and see it pop. The white helps in intensifying and making any color stand out.

7>> Make lipstick last longer

The most common complaint among people who wear lipstick is that they eat it up, and it gets faded away. If you have the same issue, try this hack. After applying your lip color, put a tissue paper over it, and brush a coat of translucent powder over it. This will set the color, and make your lipstick last longer.

8>> Bring your mascara back to life

Tired of buying bottles of mascara every few days because they dry up? Not anymore. Put a few drops of saline water, or lens solution into the mascara bottle. Shake it up, and see it come back to life! This is the best way to moisturize your mascara.

9>> Conceal your dark circles

Annoyed of your tired looking eyes and under eye bags and dark circles? Conceal it, and hid it from the rest of the world! Apply your concealer in the shape of a triangle, under your eyes, and bled it well, to get a smooth, finished look that doesn’t appear made up.

10>> Use a primer

A primer is one of the most underrated makeup product. To achieve a flawless, smooth texture on the skin, be sure to apply a good quality primer before loading in your concealer. It will fill up all the pores of your skin, to give a neat finish on your face.



Just keep in mind the above tips, and you will become a pro in applying makeup! Instead of making it a stressful experience, enjoy doing your makeup, and soon people will be running up to you for tips!

Author: The Fashion and City

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