Summer Food Habit

Though we are enjoying quite the early monsoon drizzle in many parts of the country there are still some hot states that lack the required atmospheric moisture.

When we talk about hydration the first thing that comes to your mind is – water. The holy water that quenches your thirst given anytime of the day. However, let’s go beyond that to understand that water is not the only source of hydration. It is a major sources, yes, but not the only one.

Summers take a toll on your body water levels because of constant sweating and perspiration. Moreover it goes beyond the need to drink just water. We need to replenish our electrolytes too otherwise we feel giddy. If not water then we turn to juices and fruits. Some fruits have a higher water content than that of other – watermelons for an example.

A hydrated skin looks fresh. Isn’t that what you try to achieve in summer?

Top 7 fruits to eat to beat the heat:

Remember that when you decide to have a fruit then make sure it is a seasonal one. It means that the fruit is fresh. Also, if you opt for drinking juice then you must avoid the packaged one because they come with added preservatives. Eat fresh stay fresh.

1) Melons: Be it water melon or musk melon both the fruits are abundant with juice. They surely replenish the lost body water in a very tasty way. Summer melons are famous because they are super sweet and the right way to beat the heat.



2) Raw Mango juice (aam panna): You might know about the “kaccha karrie” juice that mother prepares during the summers. The best drink till date when it comes to add something tangy to your drinking regime.


Source: My Weekend Kitchen

3) Nimbu pani: Virgin Mojito, eh? Yes, that’s what happens when you pay in excess for your hometown shikanji at a restaurant. Nimbu pani is the best way to replenish your body water along with the electrolytes. The best way to keep yourself hydrated not only during summers but all through the year.



4) Grapes: We might or might not suggest fresh grape juice (some wine too, ha-ha). Grapes are a seasonal fruit to the summer and hence you find them at inexpensive price. They are rich in water content and also give you enough fibres for smooth digestive functioning.



5) Plums: Thinking about one itself makes our mouth water. These juicy ones are quite the dessert dish that work well with fruit salad too. Be sure that you pick fresh ones. Abundant source of Vitamin C, A and K along with the fibres.



6) Papaya: Be it papaya skin, pulp or seed each part of the fruit is useful. The skin can be used as a facewash whereas the pulp works fine as a scrub. You can even dry the seeds and make yourself some face pack. The pulp is very high in dietary fibres along with other nutrients that are good for great bowel movement.



7) Bottle gourd juice aka Lauki: Ha-ha. Well, it is not a fruit but a very good source to replenish the body water. The juice is suggested by dietitians to people who think about opting for a diet. Having a fresh glass of lauki juice in the morning is all the hydration that your body needs to go through the day.



Quick note: If you are opting for fruits to hydrate yourself then go for the fruit pulp and not the juice. Along with hydration you also need the fibres to maintain a good digestive system (bowel movement to be specific).

Now, here you are, all geared up to make the most of your summer with power of fruits to help you remain hydrated all the way long.

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  1. My mum swears b the raw mango drink. It’s supposed to really help with the heat.
    #BlogAMile #OpenNTalk

  2. A good list! I dont like papaya and bottle guard juice but watermelon and rw mango are my alltime fav #BloggerBabes #OpeNTalk

  3. Such a handy list. Am book marking this for next summer! Thanks for sharing 🙂
    #NISSAtalks #OpenNTalk

  4. Yaay one perfect post. All are my favorites except for Papaya as it is heat-oriented 🙁
    I love fruits and it’s hard to get these here in Konkan as it is officially the monsoon here.
    #OpenNTalk #InvincibleGang

  5. very nice list of fruits. I didnt realise that the pulp was so important if you are dehydreated! We were juicing without realising.

  6. This is a good list. I didnt realise that we should eat the pulp when getting dehydrated! We have just been juicing without realising!

    #NISSAtalks #OpenNTalk

  7. Well, nimbu paani and plum are my favourite that i’m dependent on! A little of lauki juice does keep me feeling light all through the day. An awesome list of juices to stay hydrated for the summers. #NISSATalks Sudha

  8. Perfect post for summers. Fresh fruits and vegetables are always better than heavy foods in summers.
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  9. Hmm…that’s a useful list. With the exception of bottle gourd, everything works for me! ????
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  10. that is one wonderful list and everyone should be incorporating this religiously in their daily routine. passing on to my friends who are in Delhi and Punjab.
    Princy from #InvincibleGang for #OpenNTalk #Week3

  11. I love summer melons especially musk melon it really helps you remain cool in the hot summers. Yeah our own Virgin Mojito – Nimbu pani does the trick always when heats gets on.

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