Summer is truly full of stress for women to dress well. It is definitely not easy to adopt a new look every day as you can care of your skin against harmful UV rays. You will no longer be able to wear layers, heavy bracelets and jackets. You can find lots of style blogs talking about what’s hot, trending and what is no longer in trend. Colors are really fun in summers. If you fall for summer clothing and fashion, you can choose from lots of shopping gift vouchers at Cashback World. Meanwhile, here are some of the best fashion tips for women in summer –

  • Very thin layers or flowy tops

It is always recommended to cover up instead of leaving your skin open on a sunny day. You can combine shorts with full hands top or denims.

  • No Heavy Makeup

Wearing heavy makeup on a hot sunny day is truly a deadly combination to your skin. Avoid dark eyeliner, heavy foundation and dark lipstick. Always wear light and natural makeup to feel dry in summer. Light shades are really the best choice for eye shadow. My personal favorites are tinted lip balms, tinted moisturizers, and light colors for eyeshadows like rose or pink.

  • Wear minimal jewelry

When it comes to choosing jewelry for summer, you need to be very careful. Wear light studs or earrings, lightweight bracelets and chains. Avoid jewelry that sticks to your skin or get even closer. For example, heavy necklaces, earrings and bracelets, unnecessarily pierced rings, finger rings causing sweat all the time, etc.

  • Don’t leave your hair open

If you have long hair, you need to keep this into consideration. Don’t let your locks falling on the shoulders and tie them up. You can consider a high ponytail, braid or a bun.

  • Befriend with Cotton

White cotton dress is a perfect staple to every occasion and it’s my personal favorite on sunny days. White is the perfect color for cotton. It is also very versatile to wear. You can go all-white with cropped legs or even combine blue and white.

  • Always carry a light scarf

Believe me, your bare skin will thank you (especially your neck or face) when you protect it from sun exposure. Wrap a light scarf over your shoulders or head. Wear light colored or light scarves.

  • Striped shirt is the best pick for summers

A striped shirt is classy yet simple clothing. It is truly the best style you can wear on summer days. You can usually go for a neat and clean boat neck lined shirt. Choose light colors always. You can also go with strip combination colors like white with fluorescent orange, white with light blue, white with fluorescent yellow and white with light yellow. You can pair up shirts with 3-quarter sleeves with long, shorts, or short skirts or Palazzo pants.

  • Put on sunglasses

For getting a truly young look, sunglasses are the best choice to cover up your dark circles and wrinkles. Along with protecting your eyes from dust and harmful sun rays, also use them to play with shapes and colors in summer.

  • Wear a hat

If you don’t have a hat, buy one. Hats are known to be the best summer accessories and they are my all-time favorites. It is another combination of protection and style. You may want to protect your skin and add style to your outfit. You can go with a rancher-style or brim straw style hats.

Clothing Styles You Should Try

I have picked up some of my favorite styles which are in trend. I believe you should try these styles, even if you are budget-conscious.

  • Midi skirts with pastels – These are tucked in style. You can look for shorter hemlines. These are breezier styles when you wear loose over tight clothing.
  • Tropical prints with pastels – Instead of solid colors, use prints to hide the puddles. Go for cross-body bags instead of totes. They won’t stick to the skin.

Author: The Fashion and City

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