Human beings have had wanderlust in their veins since the dawn of time. We love traveling and we crave to experience new, beautiful things, so most of us make our own little lists of must-see destinations that we plan to visit one day. Well, if you want to add to that list, then some of the natural wonders of the world should definitely be on it. While there are only seven “official” ones, the planet is full of so much stunning imagery and adventure that we simply had to include certain locations because we’re pretty certain you’ll find them irresistible. Are you ready to find out which natural wonders are out there and why you should see them? Then just keep reading!

The Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest is huge—it covers 2,300,000 square miles and stretches over 9 continents. It’s rich with biodiversity and it’s the most famous forest in the world. It has several million species of plants, insects, and birds, and some of the more fascinating animals you can see there are capybaras, jaguars, tapirs, and manatees. If you decide to visit it, you’ll have to sign up for an organized tour because while the forest is exciting, it can also be dangerous. Besides, a guide will be able to tell you more about the history of plant and animal life, and also show you the Amazon River, which is an impressive sight on its own.

Natural Wonders - Amazonia

The Great Barrier Reef

The sunny beaches of Australia aren’t the only gorgeous thing you need to experience. The Great Barrier Reef is the largest living organism in the world, but sadly, scientists say that it’s dying. Global warming, pollution, and over-fishing are taking its toll, and the reef is in its terminal stage. If you do want to see it, it might be a good idea to book your trip soon because you won’t have a chance forever.

Natural Wonders - Great Barrier Reef

Aurora Borealis

There is truly nothing more breathtaking than the Northern Lights. The pictures of Aurora Borealis are stunning themselves, but seeing them in person is one experience you can never forget. Find organized Northern Lights tours by Canada & Alaska Travel Connection if you truly wish to see them in their full glory, and visit the Yukon Territory and Blachford Lake for the best views.

Are you curious about the science behind the Northern Lights? Well, it’s complicated, but basically, it’s caused by the collision of solar winds with the Earth’s magnetosphere. Whatever the reason they appear, they’re truly spectacular and you’ll feel blessed if you decide to observe them in person.

Natural Wonders - Aurora Borealis

Benagil Caves

Benagil Caves are in Portugal, in the Algarve region. They are found right next to the sea, on those sunny, ochre beaches, and they look like more like golden cliffs made out of jagged rock instead of dank caves. Most of the Benagil Caves have natural openings in them, so you’ll see the blue sky and sunlight shining through. You can take a tour with a local guide and they’ll show you the perfect spot where you can explore safely and snap a few memorable pictures.

Natural Wonders - Benagil Caves

Cave of the Crystals

Cave of Crystals, of Cueva de los Cristale in Spanish, is home to some of the largest crystals in the world. It’s found in Chihuahua in Mexico, and the sights it offers are strange, alien, and completely beautiful. The crystals in there took over 500,000 years to form, but we only discovered these caves about twenty years ago. Since they were untouched by the human influence they are truly unique, and they deserve a spot on your bucket list.

Natural Wonders - Cave of Crystals


Besides the Great Barrier Reef and Aurora Borealis, Paricutin is also one of the official natural wonders of the world. It’s found in Mexico, and it’s an old volcano with a fascinating history. It used to be nothing more than a cornfield up until 1943, when it suddenly sprung up and grew into a volcano in the span of one single year. It was active for about nine years when it erupted and completely destroyed two nearby towns with lava and volcanic ash, but now it’s dormant. It’s a big tourist attraction and people love climbing it and exploring the lava-hardened top.

Natural Wonders - Paricutin

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon isn’t actually the longest one in the world, but it’s generally considered to be the most beautiful one largely thanks to the rust red-colored cliffs that look particularly lovely during sunsets. If you ever wanted to visit Arizona, this is a good reason to do it. You’ll see the long Colorado River cutting through it, and you’ll be able to take a long hike to tour it and get familiar with its jagged rocky cliffs and peaceful silence that surrounds it.

Natural Wonders - Grand Canyon


Pamukkale means “cotton castle” in Turkish, and once you see it, you’ll understand why. This natural formation is made of white limestone and shallow pools of the bluest water you’ve ever seen, and you can enjoy natural hot springs that have been drawing in tourists for ages. This is also the site of an ancient Greek-Roman city called Hierapolis, so you can experience the rich history and pretty views at the same time.

Natural Wonders - Pamukkale

If you’re a traveler at heart, then dare to visit these locations. They are all memorable and should be experienced at least once in your lifetime, so pick one and start planning your next vacation!

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