Dresses are ‘it’ for me! Be it ethnic or western, a midi dress or a maxi, I simply can never have too many dresses to begin with! My wardrobe at times overflows with the amount of shopping that I do but then ‘to each her own’. With dresses comes the option of choosing patterns that fit the bill right.

From geometric to eccentric and the evergreen floral, I love to explore everything on the palette but then comes time for superior ‘creativity’ when I go along with the idea of creating dresses designs for myself! Yes, you read this one right. Designing something for myself right from the base fabric is something that gets me all excited with the possibilities about how the dress would turn out to be.


To be honest, sometimes it comes out to be a fab but at times the entire hard work of finding the material, going for a design as per the fabric type and then stitching it up all nice tends to be a failure too. You can never be too sure about how a dress turns up to be, all you have is a vision that you follow and hope that it fructifies in the end. This is what keeps me exploring more fabric options not that buying dresses is a problem but I still love the personal touch that all my stitched dresses have. They are more ‘me’ than any clothing of mine can ever be.

Some fabrics allow me to be as creative as one can get while other restrict my work on them, this is where I look for patterns that match the fabric. Thus, looking for new ‘dress-able’ fabrics is always on the go.


Also, my love for floral designs is evident from my overloaded wardrobe, I am keen on now exploring the prom dresses fabric to pair it up all well. Different from what I have been using all these years I am quite excited about how this one would turn up to be!

In the images that follow, I present some of the dresses stitched from fabrics.





Apart from using exclusive fabric to make the dresses from, I have also utilized some of my sarees to make a dress for myself. Yes, this is the best thing one can do with printed sarees. With heavy sarees it becomes difficult to sew it into something new and still maintains its originality however patterned sarees especially the floral ones spark my imagination like none other.

It takes effort and a great amount of patience to prepare a dress from the scratch. At times it so happens that you do not even like what you’ve made and you are halfway through! Yes, as I mentioned, it takes a great deal of efforts to get the look done right. But then at the end of the day it is all worth it if you can have some fabulous Instagram worthy pictures!

Get. Set. Sew!

Author: The Fashion and City

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