There are a lot of benefits attached to online shopping; you do not need to wait in line, nor do you have to leave the house and travel to the store among other things. While online shopping has a long list of advantages, there are also a few drawbacks associated with it as well. One of these is that there may be a problem with the right size and also issues with returns and exchanges. In order to save the aggravation and time, here are some quick tips for a dream online shopping experience so that you are satisfied with your buy.

1> Know your measurements

You may be surprised to know this but the size of the clothing in question can vary depending upon the brand of the clothes and also the batch. When you physically buy clothes from a store this problem can be negated with a couple of trips to the changing room but when you buy online, you do not have that particular luxury. To work around this problem take measurements of your bust, hips, waist and shoulders with a measuring tape. If you have a problem with measuring yourself, a trip to the friendly local tailor will help.

2> Check the size chart

Before you check out from the online store portal, it will do you good to check out your buy against the size chart given by the store. Compare your personal measurements with the size chart provided by the store so that you can be dead sure that you have the right size ordered. If you are shopping on a portal that sells clothes from multiple brands, this can get a bit tricky and you will need to dig a little bit deeper. You should visit the designer’s own website and take a look at what it says about the perfect size. Sometimes the ideal size is the one that the designer’s website recommends and you should go by their recommendations.

3> Always read the reviews

When you are shopping online for clothes, it is important to read the customer reviews for the concerned piece. Customer reviews are extremely important for you because they will provide perspective on the clothes that you are considering. Scan the customer reviews for information on the size, the fit and also the quality of the product that you have set your eyes upon. This will give you a better idea as to whether an item will fit you properly, or whether you need to size up or down. Remember that while a piece can look inviting and perfect online, it might end up being too tight or too loose.

4> Research the materials

The feel of a garment is as important as the right size. You will be sorely disappointed if you find that the item you had set your eyes upon for days on end might have a fabric that is akin to sandpaper. Because you are shopping online, you cannot touch and feel the fabric. The next best thing is to familiarize yourself with different types of fabric and the best place to do this is with your own wardrobe. Go through your own clothes, taking note of the fabric composition of each piece so that you have a fair idea of what you need when you shop online.

5> Be flexible

You should be aware that how a particular color appears on screen is often far removed from what it actually is. Besides, the color of a particular garment will vary in different batches. While you should be prepared for the product to appear in a slightly different hue, if it differs greatly from your expected color, be prepared to send back the garment for a refund. This asks for flexibility from your end as you will be the person who will wear the clothes.

6> Be aware of the return policies

Even after following all the tips above, there is a chance that the clothes turn out to disappoint you. You need to be prepared and familiarize yourself with the return policies of the online store before you actually order the clothes. You need to look out for things like free returns and shipping charges because they might turn out to cost you a pretty penny.

7> Keep a note

Online shopping is quite a gamble. In order to increase your odds, you are advised to keep a running list of your favorite brands, how the sizes match up and also how well they fit you. Doing this will keep you primed for the next purchase and in all probability, it will go down well if your previous experiences with the brand are anything to go by.

8> Edit the shopping cart

When you are shopping online for clothes, you are not toting the garment like you would in a physical store. This has both advantages and disadvantages. While it is very convenient to buy clothes online, there is a chance that you will make impulse purchases that you might regret later. To work around this problem ask yourself if you really need it before you make a purchase. The good thing about online shopping is that you can save your shopping cart for nearly 60 days in most cases. This gives you ample time to reconsider your purchase.

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