TVs are now a part of our family and house. We all love watching TV with our family, but with the immense change in technology. TVs are also becoming more and more advanced. Nowadays nobody wants to purchase the old Dumb TVs which just shows the Cable TV channels. Everyone is moving towards Smart LED TVs, if you want to purchase a new one must check The Best Smart LED TV in India.

Now TVs are used for much more than just watching the channels which our cable operator is streaming. They now connect with the internet, Bluetooth allows you to surf the internet. You can search on Google, play videos on YouTube. Some people even use their smart led tv to give presentations.

They are much more than these features as well. Let’s take a look at what they can do and how they are changing our lives.

Everything about Smart LED TVs:


By using Smart TVs we can simply connect our TV with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB devices and also other external media devices. It is very easy to connect with Wi-Fi using its built-in feature to connect with the internet.

Tv connectivity

It is not necessary that you need Wi-Fi to use the internet on your Smart TV. You can also connect it with a hotspot of your mobile or just directly connect it with the wire of the internet.

You can operate your whole social media on your Smart TV by connecting it with the internet. People are now doing video calls and even it connects with smart speakers and smart homes.

You can operate your whole smart home on your TV screen by connecting it with your smart TV. Connectivity with smart speakers like Alexa, echo, etc., is also very easy and helpful.

Smart Remotes:

Smart TVs come with Smart remotes. Whenever you want to purchase a new Smart LED TV, you must choose that model that has the smart remote with it.

By having the smart remote with your smart tv, it just enhances the usage of this and also the overall experience of watching TV is enhanced.

By using the smart remote you can now just easily operate your TV with your voice. Yes! you just have to give the command to your LED TV and it will follow all of your instructions. Now you do not even have to type the things that you are looking for.

Also, you do not even have to point the remote towards the front of the TV anymore. It connects with the Bluetooth and within the range of your LED TV, anyone can operate it in any direction. You can also operate your smart with your smartphone. It connects to that also.


Tv Audio

With the advancement in technology of LED TVs. Now Smart LED TVs come with the complete power of wattage in speakers. Now you have the options to choose from different options that have different watts of speakers.

Without the proper audio quality, the experience of watching TV is incomplete. You can choose from 10, 20,40 and many more watts of speakers. The biggest advantage to choose the high watts of speakers is you now do not have to purchase the extra home theatre system to have the good experience of audio.

Just choose that model of TV which provides you with your ideal sound quality and that it. No need to spend more money on home theatre systems.

Video Quality:

Video quality

The quality of videos that you can watch on your Smart TV is better than ever. It also has different watching modes like Match, Cinema, Music, etc. You can choose the model according to your mood. It comes in mainly 4 video resolutions HD-ready, Full HD 4k, and 8k.

One must consider 4k resolution while choosing a new smart TV. It is early for 8k resolution because there are less to no who are producing content in 8k quality. With the change in technology, people are moving from HD ready, Full HD to 4k resolution.

Can we convert our non-smart TV into a smart one?

convert smart

Yes! we can easily convert our non-smart LED TV into Smart LED TV with the help of some devices. You have to spend some money on devices like Apple TV, amazon fire TV stick or Google chrome cast, etc.

All you need is the free HDMI port or USB port of your TV and connect it with any of these devices. By installing it your normal TV will be converted into Smart TV.

They provide us with all the options that we can enjoy is a smart TV like, video streaming platforms like, Netflix, YouTube, Hotstar, etc. We can connect it with the offline content like which is on our mobile phone or USB device very easily.

Smart TV Brands:

smart Tv Brands

Competition is increasing in the market day by day, it makes it more difficult to choose the TV of which brands we must choose from. There are so many different and new brands that are providing all the same features of best brands which make it tough to choose from.

If budget is not the issue for you then you must go with brands like Samsung, Sony, and LG. They are from the very beginning in the market and they have the best products in the market with fewer to no complaints in their products.

If you want to spend less money and still want to have the experience of smart TV. You should go with brands like MI, TCL, Thomson, etc. They are quite less in price but they also provide the best quality of the product. Their responses and reviews of people using the products are very positive.

Above mentioned all the points that you can have on a smart TV. Other than these, they also have some other options like you can filter the content that you do not want your children to watch and put a lock on that section.

Automatic sleep timer, Internal Storage, RAM, etc. All these features which we used to have in a smartphone or laptop, now we are getting in smart TVs.

Users can do everything that they can do on their smartphone. The only problem is the size, that you cannot carry it like your Smart Phone.

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