Sarees have been part of our Indian tradition for centuries. They showcase elegance and style that are perfect for women of all ages. There are hundreds of varieties available in the market and silk is one of the most popular as well as the mist elite variety of saree. Saree sarees are right for every occasion such as festivals or wedding events. Silk is prepared with the help of fine threads. The higher the quality, the higher the price. Silk sarees are cherished by women across the country. These sarees are famous for their outstanding prints and colors. If you want to add a piece of class in your wardrobe, you can buy a silk saree zari border online.


What is Zari Silk?

There are different types of silk available in the market. India is one of the biggest exporters of silk sarees. Different states produce different kinds of silk. The most popular variety of silk the South Indian silk and a majority of women prefer to wear this type of silk. 

What makes the Indian silk saree stand out from the rest is the silk quality. The vibrant colors and creative patterns on the pallu and border add class to the look. Apart from silk saree, there are other types of sarees available such as jamdani, banarasi, ikat, Mysore, paper silk, khadi silk and more.

Zari silk is a part of this category. Zari is known as fine gold or silver weaved in a piece of silk fabric to create intricate patterns. The saree is neatly stitched by professionals using the finest silk fabric and modern equipment. A pure zari silk is available in a variety of colors and shades according to the needs of the clients. These sarees look attractive, are soft and skin-friendly. Each saree is created with caution and can be considered as an artistic creation.

What Makes Silk Saree Look a Class Apart?

What makes silk sarees different from other sarees is its inherent sheen. You can choose to wear silk sarees on any occasion. Indian silk sarees are famous all over the world. They are known for their grandeur and considered as a sign of royalty. Every woman feels proud of owning silk saree. They are durable and can be handed over from one generation to another.

Identifying the Right Silk Before Buying

You need to have a good understanding of the fabric before you buy one for yourself. Silk sarees are commonly known as Kanjivaram sarees that come from a popular city Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu. Here sarees are prepared with high-quality mulberry silk thread and the borders and designs are made with zari thread. They are suitable for all types of occasions and also an integral part of South Indian marriage. This type of silk is not something you can buy from any store. You need to have an eye for finding the best saree for yourself. You don’t want to spend your money on fake silk. Hence, it is important that you buy only genuine and high-quality silk saree.

Here are a few ways that you can use to know whether the silk of good quality or not:

  • Touch: One of the best and easiest ways to learning the authenticity of a saree fabric is a touch test. You can even do it right before purchasing it. Rub the silk with your hands, rubbing silk produces heat and if you feel warm, then you are probably touching genuine silk. Artificial silk does not produce heat. This is the first clue that can help you in identifying the quality of silk fabric.
  • Ring: Silk is one of the finest fabric. The finer the fabric, the higher the quality of silk. In-ring test, you have to pass the fabric between your fingers. Fine quality silk can easily pass through finger ring because of its flexibility and smoothness. Artificial silk won’t do that and there chances that it will shred.
  • Shine: Silk is known for its sheen. Silk saree is woven with a combination of threads that gives lustrous shine to the fabric. So, make sure that you check the shine of the fabric in the light to see if it’s lustrous enough to buy.
  • Cost: Silk sarees are not cheap. They are costlier than artificial silk. Even after the discount, a pure silk saree will cost more than a regular saree.

Also, you ask the shopkeeper to perform a burn test or chemical test to check the authenticity of the fabric. Silk, not something that you should buy just by looking. You need to pay close attention and should be aware to understand the quality of genuine silk.

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