Tradition is a strong flavor that we all Indians hold dear. Be it our rituals, ways or dressing, a traditional touch in all, definitely runs through our blood and veins. Dressing – It certainly is fair to consider this factor to be a strong contender in displaying ones culture and practice. And without a doubt, Sarees are the first thing that pops up in our minds. This blog post is all about giving an upgrade to our traditional Sarees with Tia Bhuva.

The girl who colors instagram with her vibrant cancan sarees is a definitive proof of how tradition has been taking a step in the right direction. Tia Bhuva, currently residing in Toronto has been giving a lot of girls their wardrobe goals when it comes to ‘traditional with a twist of fashion’. Her Instagram account ( is a must follow for people looking for inspiration.


1> Here is how sporting a simple saree with a cancan looks like. Three words – Damn!, Exquisite & WoW!

Tia Bhuva 1

I hear you, you are quiet wondering how to do it, right? Well, she has the answer for it too!

Watch Her Video Here

 2> Her 3+2+1=7 Mantra!

What could 3 skirts, 2 tops and 1 saree turn you into? A fashionista mastering 7 styles!

She definitely did pull that perfectly!

3> The festive season is here and she portrays that with ease too!

Now that’s how you wow the crowd. With that waist chain in place, you are all set to rock this diwali.

4>  With Jeans it is just a button, but saree pleats – ufff!!! Well, her methodology will make it simple for you.

Check her Video.

As easy as that!

Her styles are endless and her fashion sense is noteworthy, but there is a part of her that inspires us more than just the outfits. It’s her motivation! Her posts showcase strength, courage and positivity.

“I’m endlessly fascinated by the things we can convince our minds simply by changing our body language – like power posing for example. Standing in this pose “the wonder woman” for 2 mins will increase your confidence, decrease anxiety and improve your ability to deal with stress. All by standing like this for 2 mins!


To learn more, google “Amy Cuddy Ted Talk” and prepare to be fascinated!”

This message was one particular post of hers’ on Instagram.  The message she wants to portray is hard wired into her posts, and that alone deserves greater attention.


Author: Syed Asif

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