Restaurants and that too the ones with some gourmet, continental cuisine or something tastefully different is what I look out for in my food expeditions.

‘The Salt’ restaurant was a breath of fresh air to be honest. Bored with the typical food fares I decided to give this one a try. It was worth it till the last penny and paisa!


The Salt boasts of an elaborate menu that’d have you drooling and dreaming while you skim through the contents. Selection is quite difficult especially when you are a food connoisseur and have a penchant of trying new things vividly.

Finally after a long time of internal fight over the food options I decided that I wanted to try

  • Saffron Chicken Malai Tikka

  • Sizzler kebab platter

  • Qubani tart.

Quite the intriguing names to begin with that had me yearning to know more about the delicacies of these dishes.

The dressings were delectable and scenic. SALT was omnipresent in the dishes. Quite creatively incorporated and expressed, they deserve an applaud for their genuine enthusiasm and creativity with the dressings.

salt-Saffron Chicken Malai Tikka

Saffron Chicken Malai Tikka was a scrumptious affair wherein my taste buds were taken in through a real joyride.

salt-kebab sizzler

Salt-Daal Makhaani


The kebab platter came dressed like a shy bride with the required sizzle that makes it exquisite. The chutney and the salad with it was a scandalous affair for my taste buds to satiate with. Also Kulcha and Daal Makhaani reached with this beautiful dish.



Qubani tart was something new. Oddly, I liked it. Being wary about the fact that it might be a disaster but this time my instinct and inquisitiveness won like none other.

Worth the time and also the money, I found the ambiance of this restaurant adequate for a quite dinner for a couple or a nice get together.

Salt and spice, lets shimmer and dice.

Author: The Fashion and City

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