Customization is the key, more often than not, to make your outfit stand out. Be it hand-selected items from stores all over the country or fits made from your favourite fabric, personal touch makes the difference. Also, if you get your outfit tailor-made you need not worry about fit, design and style – you set them all! Remember the long evenings spent at the Darjiwala Uncle’s shop? Let’s bring that back already!

If you are into experimenting with the fashion trends, upcycling your wardrobe and making fashion statements now and then – customization is what you need. Also, it is not always feasible to wear designer clothes or invest in boutique-shop items. This is where the simplicity and ease of buying fabrics and making your outfits come in.

Personally, I love customized outfits. Something stitched to perfect just for me! As a plus-size fashion blogger, I often find it difficult to find my favourite outfits in a size that fits me. And if I do? Well, it’s too expensive for no reason. And hence the switch to getting tailor-made outfits and making the most of customizing.

I recently came across Fabcurate and decided to once again spin the wheel of magic, and get some nice outfits made for myself with the fabric of my choice. Today, I will be sharing details about the same with you.

Outfit 1: Blouse and Skirt

I used this super-soft and comfortable cotton fabric in white and pink print for making my Cord skirt and top blouse. The material is breathable but firm enough to give my outfit the shape it needs. The fit and flare quotient are simply great!

Outfit 2: Three Piece Blazer Suit

The fabric for this outfit is similar to the previous one but the print is in lavender-blue and white. Gives it a perfectly subtle work-mode vibe. I can see myself wearing this to the office and occasionally accessorizing it and wearing it to some cool after-party. Who knows? The trouser would go well with a Kurti. Alternatively, a slip top (camisole) would also work with my blazer and trousers. I love outfits that can be worn differently!

Outfit 3: Saree in Organza Silk

This blue saree in Organza silk is a dream come true. The fabric feels uber soft and the saree has such an elegant look to it. Can be worn to family functions and dinner reservations by playing around with accessories. Stay tuned to see what I do with this saree in near future!

The best part about these fabrics is that one can use them to make tailored lehenga, sarees, dresses along with skirts and tops. You can truly let your imagination run wild. If youare into interior decorating and want to spice things up then customized door screens, cushion covers and bedsheets are some things you can experiment with. This will give a natural look to your interiors.

My review of Fabcurate

As this is a review and I need to be honest with you – I say YES! I loved the fabrics I received, and don’t have any complaints. One quick tip would be to wear the silk fabric ata cool temperature as it might make you sweat. The cotton prints and pretty and comfortable, the best combination when it comes to fabric quality and design. What are your thoughts on designing your outfits? Do you enjoy the process or get designer clothes to avoid going through the hassle? Let me know in the comments below!

Author: The Fashion and City

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