Seems like you are quite confused about what to do for your wedding anniversary this time. Over the years, it is obvious that you have almost tried anything and everything with your spouse to make this day special, from exquisite dinners to romantic getaways and what not. It is as if you wanna try something new. That’s where the idea of going for an outing arises from.


Even I had the same thing in mind which led to a trip to Chokhi Dhani for our anniversary with my family. And yes, when your family comes into picture it becomes quite tricky to decide the destination because you must keep everyone’s interest in mind.


Chokhi Dhani – A Rajastahni Theme Village in Chennai

Chokhi Dhani, Chennai is a breath of fresh air. The southern India enjoying some Rajasthani perks is what this setup was all about. Over the years Chokhi Dhani has created quite the impression and built up a mini Rajasthani empire that calls visitors and explorers with open arms.

The entry price was around 700 Rupees per head.

Imagine this, a beautiful and rhythmic folk dance presented to you in an open pool inside a Mahal, now that’d be a Royal dream to come upon. That’s Chokhi Dhani for you.


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Boating facilities are available. It’s like being one with your dreams once again. Slow boat rides brighten up your mood like none other.





Inside Chokhi Dhani there’s a mini village setup that consists of about 4 to 5 mini colonies of residents that work in the place and stay there too.

The food starters were your Indian palette that comes with Corn dough chapatti’s and added Ghee.  The exploration starts then. There’s this cave with Sai Baba’s statue, the cave being the prime attraction is manmade and hence the curiosity.  







The welcome drinks and snacks served came with the blessed love of some hot Jalebi.

The inside of the village is something that’s worth every single penny spent on this trip. From folk dance to magic show and slow dancing on the Ghoomar song with stunts we also enjoyed parrot card reading and traditional Rajasthani puppet show.

Shooting balloons, basketball and arrow target are the games that kept the kids occupied while the elders enjoyed the varieties provided.

For enthusiast who wanted to do some Royalty stuff there was Camel and Horse Riding facilities too. Though it looked alluring the animal lover in me refused to partake in these pleasures but I ended up taking some good photograph anyways.






You never realize it inside Chokhi Dhani about how time flies. It was almost dinner time by the time we had indulged in all these activities.

There was this big dining hall in there where your Maharaja Thali’s were served in the revered Rajasthani Style. The dishes had me drooling yet dreadful because I realized that I had been eating the entire day, some stuff or the other and yet I had so much place for this food in my stomach!



Brings out the foodie in you.

Quite a day to remember.

I’d personally recommend this day for family outings as it has something in there for everyone.



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