Time is of essence especially if you are running late after the elaborate rites and rituals and not to forget the non-ending make-up session. Yes, it is the wedding season round the corner and we have decided to address the issues we all face but never find good solutions to.

Your hair is the crown that you wear which means that you need to make it worth the wedding! This is where last-minute quick hairstyles come into the picture. Presenting some go-to hairstyle ideas for you to enjoy especially if you are caught in a jiffy.

Some simple hairstyle tips and tricks:

1> Messy buns

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These are legit life savers! If you feel like you are having a bad hair day and don’t have enough time to do something elaborate then messy buns are your go-to options. Not only do they look chic but they also allow you to decorate them as per your traditional wear. You can dress up your messy bun with maang teeka and flowers for the right effect. They are easy to manage because – the messier, the better!

2> A Daisy braid hairdo

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Feel like making some efforts but not too much? This is what you need to look into! If you are looking for a young, cute and care free look then this simple and minimalist loose braid adorned with your favorite flowers is the best option. The basic twisted braid is the right combination of delicate and dazzling.

3> Pearled braids

Image Source: https://www.fashionlady.in/top-simple-and-sleek-indian-hairstyles-for-curly-hair/122846

Now, this is something haute couture. This look will definitely make heads turn. Select a braid that goes well with your outfit and which you would be comfortable enough to embellish with pearls. The look is a genuine head turner and would suit any type of function, any attire and make-up style of your choice.

4> Half-up and half-down hair

Image Source: https://beautyhealthtips.in/best-and-cute-hairstyles-for-sarees/

Well, desperate times call for immediate actions. If you are really running late and have no idea about what you need to do with your tresses then this is the hairdo for you. Pull half of your hair up into a high pony or a mini messy bun and let the remaining tresses stroll around with the breeze. This look would work amaze with ethnic jewellery and traditional look.

5> A messy braid

This totally depends on how you carry this look. Very few people can rock a messy braid with ease, but the ones who can should make it definitely worth the messiness. You can pair up messy braids with sarees and ghagharas, the look is something amazing.

6> Open hair

Yes, we get it. The fashion police will be out there for you, but guess what? If you’ve got straight or wavy hair then you are in for a surprise as you might be able to pull the open hair look like no one would have imagined!

We’ve put together the simplest and easiest looks for you to try this wedding season. Happy hair styling and crafting!

Author: The Fashion and City

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