Purifying Indoor Air with BreatheFresh Vayu Bag

What is that separates your home’s atmosphere with the one that’s just outside your threshold? Apart from it being your place and the love and warmth filled of your treasured ones, we seek peace and security at home. We breathe in the essence of bonds and feel happy.

Well, just so you know that whether inside or out, one thing remains constant i.e. pollution, and the risk of it affecting your health and that of your loved ones is constant.  Air pollution has become a national concern especially in metropolitan cities where there is little to nothing that we can do to cure it. However, with the right devices one can at least curb the circulation of polluted air inside their households, you owe this to your family.

Keeping the bigger picture in mind, today I’d like to share some insight about BreatheFresh solutions and why they are quite apt for dealing with our pollution issues at a homely level.


‘I bought for myself one of the Breathefresh Vayu natural air purifying bags. The first and foremost reason to buy this product was that it was 100% natural and hence safe to experiment with. The contents of the bag include activated charcoal that has the power to absorb odour, allergens and pollutants from our homes, cars, washroom etc. I have placed one in my living room and also have kept one in my car, the results have been refreshing—literally.

You can just feel the difference in the air, before and after the use of Vayu bag. As for myself washroom doesn’t feel stuffy anymore and neither does it get humid in my living area. The car drives have become more pleasurable because there is no stale air circulating within and I don’t have to keep my windows open all the time for fresh air circulation.

Apart from its usage benefits, I found the product economic too. One single bag lasts up to 2 years and you can recharge it by just placing it under the sun once a month. Also, the Vayu bags are very versatile and you can find a use for them in every nook and corner of your household.’

What all can one do with a Vayu bag:


>Keep check on odour emission.

– The stuffy feeling that one feels when entering the washroom because of humidity and obvious water odour can be removed with ease leaving a fresh feel behind.

– Can be placed in the refrigerator so that food smells don’t get mixed and give a fresh feel to everything that we store.

– Works well as a car air purifier too. Removes the stale smell, especially the ones you feel during monsoon and makes the drive peaceful and breathable.

– With change in seasons, you can place a Vayu bag with your cloth packages to avoid them getting smelly and humid till the next time.

Home Usage vayu bag

>Avoid breathing in toxic substances.

– If you might have observed, certain washroom and cleansing utilities are volatile which means that they evaporate with exposure to heat and humidity, this releases their chemicals into ones breathing environment. Vayu bag prevents one from breathe chemical infested air by absorbing it all, thus protecting you from unseen toxic hazards.

– Fresh paints and furniture varnish smells can be removed by placing a Vayu bag in the vicinity.

> It can be placed with valuables like camera and other sensitive electric appliances to avoid getting moisture settled into them or humidity affecting them. Also, you can carry them in your travel bags too.

I guess this sums up about how useful this product is. In changing times where we face the risk of respiratory diseases and infections, taking a small step towards prevention is commendable.


More about the company providing us with eco air purifying solutions:

Our mission is to raise awareness about indoor air pollution and promote a healthier life by creating cleaner indoor air naturally.

Their solutions are powerful and yet affordable Nature’s hidden secrets. No chemicals, no fancy machinery- just Simple and Sustainable clean living. We have products varying from Air Purifying bags, natural Air purifier with anti-bacterial essential oil, Air Purifying plants and more.”


I would personally like to recommend this product to all my readers. So as I have been doing with friends and family off lately.

The air purifying bag is available in 3 different sizes, 100gms, 250gms and 500gms. You can buy the desired size from BreatheFresh or you can get it from Amazon.

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