Don’t we all enjoy the soft and smooth skin after a waxing session? What would you give to maintain the same skin texture for as long as possible without having to go through a painful waxing session again?

Well, looks like you wouldn’t have to do anything at all! With NEUD – a natural hair inhibitor you can delay the growth of unwanted hair for as long as you like. It is also an easy-to-use form of hair removal, looks like someone has finally heard our prayers about the monthly waxing woos!


About the product:

  • It is a safe and effective alternative with 100% natural ingredients like sunflower oil, Carica papaya, glycerine and other such Ayurveda essentials.
  • It is a GMP (Good manufacturing practices) certified product making it reliable to use.
  • It is a hair growth inhibitor and retarder which also works for effective hair removal making it a must-have in the bathroom kit for us ladies.

Directions for use:

  • This product is to be used after a removal session. You might be the one to wax or maybe shave your body hair. The process is that, post a waxing session the skin pores are open which makes it easy for the hair inhibiting ingredients of NEUD to penetrate through the skin and affect the hair growth activity right at the follicle level.
  • A step by step procedure is as follows:

1) Removal of unwanted body hair

2) Application of NEUD on the body parts where you wish to restrict or delay hair growth

3) Gentle massage this entire absorption is the way of application

4) For people who do waxing: One has to apply it twice a day for 5 continuous days after every s waxing session however for people who did shaving it is suggested to make use of NEUD on a daily basis.

Personally I’d like to recommend NEUD to everyone out there who likes to flaunt soft and smooth skin. The product actually works and the results can be noticed easily. Having body hair and being comfortable with the same is a personal choice and in no way is hair removal mandatory but for those who like to remove the same should try out new things every once in a while.

So now that you know about this you could check it out and let me know about your experience in the comment section below. Till then, adios!

Author: The Fashion and City

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