It is finally the month of love again! The cozy month where love is all in the air and the time when everyone feels the urge to express their gratitude, more, to their partner for being there in their life. With Valentine day being just around the corner, people chose to channelize their gratitude and express it in the form of a gift.

The best form of gift can be something that we make all by ourselves and while doing so we put all our heart and soul in it so that it can completely reflect our feelings to our better half. Something that will remind our beloved ones how much we love and care for them, each and every day. But let us face the truth, not all of us are good with the art and craft part. And though we know that the love and care with which we created the present matters the most, we, our own selves, do not want to present our loved ones with something which is not perfect.

Keeping that in mind, Insta Mosaic Studio has curated a gift idea that is perfect as an anniversary gift, Valentine Day gift and even as a love anniversary gift! Yes, that is correct! They recently launched the Jab We Met themed photo frame that perfectly captures that first moment when you two collided with each other. The Jab We Met photo frame will ensure that the memory of your first meeting is always carried back to you and you two can relive those moments again and again. After all, aren’t we all thankful for the moment when the universe conspired and made us two meet?


An overview of the photo frame

The Jab We Met photo frame by Insta Mosaic Studio is a standard size photo frame that etches the photo memory of the first meeting of you with your significant other. The photograph is planted at the center of the frame surrounded by all the locations where you guys met for the first time ever and also clearly mentions the date of the meeting.

You can also replace the location with the place where you probably proposed to your partner or where you received the answer that filled your world with rainbows of joy. You can then provide them with a picture of your choice and your customized photo frame will be ready in no time.

Wondering how to get your hands on this amazing gift?

To get your hands on this amazing gift that helps you refresh your memory, all you have to do is visit their homepage, select the photo frame and contact them. When you place the order or contact them, they respond to you through WhatsApp. There you will need to share the couple photo that you wish to put inside the frame and along with it the dates and locations of your meeting. That’s all you have to do to get your personalised gift delivered to you or to your partner directly in no time. Isn’t it simple?
I must say that I’m extremely delighted to have this in my room as it constantly reminds me and husband about how lucky we are to have found each other. Every time, we see it we are reminded of all the memories that we made together, the fun things we did, the little romantic moments and even the times when the days were a little cloudy. I am thankful to God for letting us share all these beautiful moments together and to InstaMosaicStudio for freezing the moment for us forever.

Author: The Fashion and City

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