The Fashion and City, the blog, is the only space where I can be totally me and meet people who are like me. When I look back into the past all I can see is a beautiful reminder of the efforts I had to put in, in order to get started and also find for myself the right opportunity to thank every single person who stood behind me and supported and appreciated my efforts.

Becoming a Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger was something that struck me as an idea which on persuasive efforts turned into my blog, The Fashion and City. I would like to proudly admit that this is the best decision I have ever made. It takes a great amount of guts to start something different and new, but in my case it has all been possible because of the immense support provided to me by my family and In-laws.

I remember that my Mother was the first person with whom I had shared both, my idea and my ambition. She encouraged me to go ahead with it and try it out. From talking this out with my husband and chalking out the essentials and details with him, I’d love to admit that he is my person, my rock. The support that I can anytime lean back onto. And, also, he doesn’t mind taking in full credits of the images that I upload on and along with my blog. He is the photographer of The Fashion and City whose love and support has already captured my heart.

Over the months I came into contact with various influential fashion and lifestyle bloggers who added depth, precision and understanding to my work. Meeting them as a brand I have now created bonds that border towards mutual respect and a great friendship. One among the strongest influences on me has been Nistha Saraf. Talk about strong impact and this woman has hit me hard like a freight train making me gain and chain new train of thoughts.


My primary attraction towards her and her work has been the personal way in which she expresses herself and her style. Today, I’d like to share her journey in her own words for you to know about the insiders stuff into a fashionistas life. Know all about Nistha Saraf, her inclination towards fashion blogging and how strongly she feels about her blog Fashionistha turning one.


“Hola chicas…a journey from Nistha to FashioNistha has been more than memorable. Never realised I have come this far until my blog turned one. So happy to have reached here today. Just a year back when I hardly knew anything about blogging, I decided I would pursue it for my love for fashion. With time and experience, I can say that I have learned more than I have ever imagined. Styling a dress has always come easy to me for I have been loving it since my childhood. But blogging is not just about that, it’s much more. Styling is one aspect of it. It also includes shooting, writing, editing, promoting, etc.

In a sea of bloggers, it’s not easy to make a mark of your own individualistic style. It did not come easy of course, but it was worth every effort. I enjoyed every bit of my blogging journey. Had my fair share of ups and downs too though. Days when I would expect great response on my posts have turned into least and vice versa. Bogged down quite a lot of time but then had to be consistent irrespective of all. That’s what I did and that’s what I strongly believe in. Being CONSISTENT!

All I want to say is if you love what you do than be hard working and most importantly, be patient. There will be a lot of times, when you would want to give up but just remember how far you’ve come from the day you’ve started. Muster courage and do it one more time. You will surely see the difference and better results. I am nowhere when compared to other successful bloggers but then I was nothing a year back. Today I am happy that I have influenced at least some and look forward to inspire more with each passing day.

Always looking forward to working harder and curating better styles than yesterday. Hoping to be loved by all. Do check my blog, FashioNistha. Hope you like it. If you do, please SUBSCRIBE.

Hugs and kisses to all for I owe you guys all the happiness that I feel. Nothing would have been possible without your love and support. Thanks for liking and motivating all the way.



Like I always say….Keep styling! Keep smiling!”

Author: The Fashion and City

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