How would you have imagined Calcutta to be in the 60s and 70s? Well, one way of having that ‘City of Joy’ experience is to binge watch on the latest show on ZEE5 – ‘It happened in Calcutta’ starring Karan Kundrra and Naghma Rizman as the lead.

What’s the trailer all about?

It happened in Calcutta is a love saga that transcends time and gives you all the butterflies in your stomach that you secretly wish for! The trailer shows the series lead Ronobir and Kusum and their interactions that take place within and outside the medical college that they are studying in. The illustrative way in which the then Calcutta is portrayed gets you hooked from the trailer itself as you want to know what the story is all about.

The Cast of It happened in Calcutta

Karan Kundrra as Ronobir Chatterjee plays the college heartthrob and womanizer in the series, while opposite to him we have Naghma Rizman playing the role of Kusum, the only girl in the entire Calcutta medical college batch.

Well, be it the casting, the good storyline or the old-day Calcutta set-up, the audiences have warmed up to the show and are appreciating music tracks like Sukoon. The lyrics and music are resonating with the viewers on a personal level, quite the feat to achieve. ZEE5 has been adding up to its watch list really interesting and diverse shows that go beyond the regular genres that the mass public expects from a show. 

The storyline of It happened in Calcutta

The story starts in future and shows an important scene between the two leads, which then results in Ronobir (Karan) recounting and remembering how it all started, and how it happened in Calcutta. Well, to subtly put it, the new girl falls in love with the womanizer who is bound to break her heart! Yes, sounds like every other love story. However, it is an interesting and engaging storyline of the 60s that keeps you hooked up.

The Calcutta portrayed in the series might be a tad bit more modern than what you would have expected it to be. There are also some contradicting scenes where you find medical students dress up as per pop-culture and not the regular uniform. Or, the in general vibes of Calcutta which seem far more liberated and filmy than they might have been at the time. On a positive note, if you love the retro style and are a fan of them, this show will be a good chance to see haute couture outfits coming to life.

So, yes, if you are looking for an emotionally engaging and entertaining watch over the weekend then I would like to suggest that you watch the show. Apart from the sizzling chemistry between the leads and many cute moments that make your heart melt, you also get to get invested in a story that takes place in multiple timelines and thereby gives you an engaging experience.

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