Netflix is a paid online video site. Now a days it became part of our day, personality & life as a whole; Netflix has a bouquet of fantastic shows for the entire population. We did a bit of research & took ourselves through the gamut of shows streaming on Netflix right now. This filtered list will surely give you a guiding tour in the wonderland of Netflix & urge to subscribe to it if not yet done.


She-Ra Princesses of Power

This is a rework of the 1980s famous cartoon. Here the protagonist is She-Ra also known as Princess Adora of Eternia. She has been brainwashed & is pursuing ill-jobs for the bad guys. As soon as she finds her actual destiny with the help of a magical sword, her true journey begins. Despite being a cartoon series, this show has it all from a strong storyline to the wonderful fun of wandering in a fantasy world.  


A unique storyline & mind-blowing unravel of suspense. This series is a limited series, which we would say is a USP of the same. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of a series from start till end, well we want to be. It’s a story of a pharmaceutical trial where two of the central characters find themselves drawn to each other. It’s a mysterious trial where they have assured no side effects & all their worries would just fly away.


Friends don’t need much introduction. We all have lived our Friends days. No matter how it has been, still this series has the strongest repeat value till date. It has been almost 14 years since the last episode of Friends aired, but still, the freshness has been the same. It assures you a timeless journey in a fantasy land we all want to be, a place where we have such great friends who are more than family & a marathon of laughter of course.


The Novel by German crime scribe Petra Hammesfahr during 1999 has set the background for this series. Its crime angle out of an absolutely normal circumstance gives a different level of boost to your viewing experience. Here an apparently normal woman Cora Tanetti getting entangled into a more complex situation than anticipated. 

Bojack Horseman

Total 5 seasons are streaming right now on Netflix of this show. Actors who could succeed & has been on a rollercoaster of life full of sex, drugs & depression. And this actor is a horse. It is one of a very few shows which touch upon a topic as critical as depression. Yet the treatment can make you cry & laugh at the same time. A highly complex situation for a man on the path of self-destruction is this entire series offer.


Two seasons of this fantastic show is streaming on Netflix for your benefit. It tells you a story of women narrated in the story & how they dealt with a situation in life they have been thrown in. An unemployed actress making some terrible choices in life & a lot of story around some such people to keep you engaged.

Mad Man

Watch 7 seasons of this fantastic series & get lost in the world of entertainment. This award-winning show is set in the era of 1960s. It’s a drama which is funny at the same time. The Storyline has been quite insightful for the viewers. It brings back the era of those misogynistic things & takes you on a journey of transformation.

The Crown

This show draws the life story of Queen Elizabeth II from the start of her rule & till today’s time. This most interesting drama series has been topped with some of the finest performances you would ever see on the screen. It’s finely narrated her struggles between public & private life. It has a very compelling storyline which we can definitely relate & also find intriguing at the same time.

Better Call Saul

This show has been based on the character backdrop of Series Breaking Bad. The protagonist Saul Goodman is back to again entertain & engage you in this brilliant show. The central character is a kind-hearted guy who dallies loosely with the law. This show makes the journey of his early years quite interesting to watch.

Black Mirror

A sci-fi show which will take you through every element of entertainment at once & make a story web around the same. You may find differently entertained across every episode of this show. It digs into deeper issues where the abuse of technology will lead to a downfall of mankind and also narrates a story around this. A piece of tech is being investigated throughout the story.


This show will take you through some of the most fascinating stunts performed on a smaller screen. Total 3 seasons are right now streaming on Netflix. Users can make use of their Netflix coupon code for bag a better deal to get or renew a subscription. The blind protagonist will surely give you thrills & chills while watching his story. This superhero drama is surely one hell of an entertainer for all marvel lovers.

Strange Things

The story is set in a small town of Indiana State. All is good till a small boy goes missing & then the belief is spread fast that probably there is a parallel un-kind world which is not so apt for us. We all loved Winona Ryder & she has nailed her role in this fantastic show. 

Netflix is currently providing the most fantastic show of all time. It has shows for all the genre & age groups. Get a dip in the world of entertainment with a show of your choice. You may be a kid at heart & here we have some of the best cartoon series for you. Those who like intense action can choose to watch these classic shown at their convenience. In nutshell, whatever may be your age, race or ethnicity. It is most likely to happen that this carefully crafted gamut by Netflix will surely lure to forget everything & be one with your favourite show. 

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