Unboxing of Myra Veda Beauty Hamper: Self-care wali Diwali

Diwali 2021 was a happy break from all the morbid conversations we have all been having for a while. Spending time with our near and dear ones is one sure-shot way of making us feel loved and cherished. 

And do you know what makes Diwali more special? Apart from the delicious food we eat, clothes we wear and parties we enjoy – hampers! More specifically beauty hampers make up for all the indulgence we involve ourselves with during Diwali.

This Diwali I received a lovely gift for pampering myself. It’s the acclaimed luxury skin-care brand ‘Myra Veda’ – a beautiful hamper with lovely products that I couldn’t wait to try! I loved the packaging of the hamper. It makes for a beautiful gifting item. I had a gala time while unboxing the hamper and reading a thoughtful letter sent by the brand.

The best part about their products is that they are free from sulphates, parabens, plasticizers, palm oil, mineral oil, silicones and over 400 different types of harmful chemicals. 

The Diwali special combo box contains the following products:-

2 Essential Oils

2 Lip Shades

1 Handcrafted bag with dry fruits inside

2 Handcrafted Soaps

24kt gold vitamin C Gel

French pink clay powder


Skin glow tea

Ferrero Rocher

This pamper-hamper is definitely worth the cost. So, if you are looking to gift something meaningful to your loved ones, you should check out their entire range of products and packages. 

Quick reviews of the self-care products received in the Myra Veda Hamper:

1) The hamper has 2 essential oils. I received Italian Bergamot and French Nerou oil. Essential oils that suit your skin and hair are difficult to find. Especially organic oils that last long because they are pricey and used in very little quantities. I am quite satisfied with these two.

Myra Veda Essential Oil

2) The main ingredients of the handcrafted soap are coconut and olive oil, shea butter, essential oils and an assortment of other organic ingredients. I received the 24kt Gold Soap and Coconut Milk Soap in the hamper. They smell so good and feel great on my skin too.

Myra Veda Handcrafted Soap

3) The rose water I received in the hamper is vegan and cruelty-free. Great for skin, hair, eyes and even tasting! It takes 8000 rose flowers to make a 5ml bottle of Rose Essential Oil. The rose water we buy over-the-counter usuallycontains chemicals and fragrance – definitely not the real deal. This one feels like freshly pressed petals in a bottle.

Myra Veda Rose Water

4) Skin Glow Tea was another product in the hamper. The main ingredients are rose petals, calendula, rosemary leaves, sage, cardamom, green tea and other rejuvenating ingredients. The tea is easy to make. All you need to do is to dip the tea bag in water for 2 minutes and enjoy the drink. The tea is good for rejuvenation and moisturisation. Helps remove impurities from the body, detoxifies the blood and helps you gain glowing skin.

Myra Veda Skin Glow Tea

5) 24kt Gold Vitamin C Gel is good to use anytime during the day and night. Made from aloe Vera and lemons, the gel is great for all skin types. Made using real 24kt gold and aloe Vera with lemon, this gel is my new best friend.

Myra Veda Gel

6) French Pink Clay powder is harvested from the rarest bentonite that helps refine pores, boosts confidence and gives instant radiance to your skin. There are many ways to use this. Either with Myra Veda rose water, or everyday kitchen ingredients like yoghurt, link, coffee, etc. It feels great on the skin, smells good and is one of the products that I look forward to using regularly.

French Clay Powder

This hamper definitely added more delight to my Diwalicelebrations. The festive season takes our health and skin-care routines a bit off-track. I am all set to put these products to good use.

Tell me what you think about this hamper. Would you buy one for yourself or gift it to someone who loves skincare? Let me know in the comments. 

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