Monsoon can be so romantic and dreamy but at the same time it is equally messy! Most of us find it difficult to find clothes to wear during this weather! As it becomes difficult for most of us to select that perfect dress that will be bright enough for the melancholic weather and won’t get dirty as well!

Also, another mistake that most girls make during the monsoon is that they wear full length jeans. When they come back, the lower ends of their jeans is all filled with mud, dirt, twigs and God knows what not! Worry no more ladies, as I have come up with a monsoon special styling. Also read till the end for some cool hacks to look trendy this monsoon.

netted black dress

My style…


As you people already know, my statement style is comfort or being comfortable in whatever I wear. Also, if you follow my blogs, then you will know that I am in love with the color black. And my monsoon styling is a combination of the both!

In India, water gets clogged or settles in almost every other road. Thus making it impossible to walk through the road without getting your shoes and the lower part of your clothes wet and dirty! Hence for the styling I chose this black midi dress with lovely bright floral patches on it.

The dress has a solid sheer cloth as the inner lining and an A-line net cover over it. Thus, the dress is bright enough for a gloomy day. The floral work does the work of spreading a happy vibe all around as it is in bright flamboyant colors.

net black dress

I chose this black midi dress as this would be the perfect wear for the monsoon as the length is just perfect to keep away those ugly splash of water on the road.

I have paired the dress with a matching black colored block heels that will keep my feet protected from any water on the road. I have also kept the make up really simple and natural and have used minimum jewellery.

So that was all about my monsoon styling. Now here I am going to share a few tips with you all that will help you achieve that perfect look, this monsoon.

black net dress

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Tips and hacks…

  • Avoid wearing full length clothes during the monsoon. As no matter where you go, water mixed with dirt will be splayed on the lower half of your clothes,making it dirty. If you wish to wear jeans then go for ankle length or knee length jeans.
  • Avoid wearing cloth shoes and flats. Instead go for heels and rubber shoes. Cloth shoes get wet easily and takes up really long to dry up. Thus,  leaves your skin dry and pale. Moreover, wearing wet shoes for a long time will make you fall sick.
  • Try to carry waterproof bags to keep your important documents and files safe.
  • Wear waterproof makeup to save yourself from the trauma of it getting smudged all over your face.

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