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A pout, a smile or a full on laughter – Fashion is everything we see, touch and feel. We witness beauty in everything and fashion isn’t anything different. If you aren’t convinced yet, my favorite list of ‘Fashionistas’ would prove you wrong.

That Boho Girl – Kritka Khurana



Krithika’s blog is a display of everything a girl wants to be. Her posts on Beauty, Travel, Lifestyle and Fashion hits our desire spot. But what’s more enthralling are the pictures taken.  Everything she tries, every place she visits and everything she loves are very beautifully captured and presented to the viewers.

Hence the blog is more than just a mere ‘good read’. Apart from the blog her, social media channels are a delight and her Youtube videos are very educative when it comes to self styling.




That Boho Girl


The Style Cocktail – Saily



A sassy girl with the YOLO syndrome! Saily is every bit of herself she describes in her posts. Believe in whatever you are and that makes you beautiful – Her blog posts ooze this particular ideology. From product reviews and advices to food joins around Mumbai, Saily is all about providing us with quality intel.

Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle are her fore and we at ‘TFAC’ love her work!



The Style Cocktail


Skulls & Tulles – Smita Roy Majumdar


Skull & Tulles

What should your wardrobe be filled with? Well, for everyone searching to upgrade your wardrobe Smita’s website is the right place. Been in the fashion industry for around 6 years, her knowledge on what’s trending is right on spot. ‘Self Development and Motivation’ being a separate section in her blog is what inspires one to add a bit more love!

Her ‘Make Over Project’ is something we would love to see a lot more of.



Smita Roy


The Instyle Journal – Neha Bhatt Bhagat


neha bhatt

“TIJ is a memoir of places I have been to and the things I love” – Neha Says. Following her heart and doing something she loves makes her work beautiful. Be it her beauty tips, her jewelry selection and most importantly her travel log – everything is mesmerizing and a bit envies us too.

Though Travel and Photography is what she loves doing, her lifestyle and fashion sense is nohing short of spectacular.

Website –


The Style Journal


Fashionistha – Nistha Saraf



How comfortable the term Fashio-NISTHA matches with what she conveys! A thorough fashion enthusiast and a very good trend spotter; her clothing sense is so picturesque. Her ‘Shop My Instagram’ section is actually a great platform for everyone to actually buy what she showcases in her posts.

Being true to the Fashion core her blog may not have the Food or Travel section, but what she posts is entirely top notch!


‘Shop My Instagram’ Page:



The above fashionistas are a True Inspiration for all seeking advice on Fashion. Let us know your inspiration!

Author: Syed Asif

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