Taking personal care of oneself is a must. So, last Sunday I booked for the YLG salon home services. I have already shared a bit of my experience with you all on my Instagram handle and now here you will get to know about the detailed experience.

About YLG


Those who don’t know about YLG, YLG is basically a salon that stands for “You Look Great”! At the present moment, YLG has successfully established their branches which are based in Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, and Hyderabad.

Apart from salon services, YLG also has their own product ranges that are formulated by the founders themselves. Their product, in a word, is great! Why won’t they be in fact when they are formulated by the IITians themselves. YLG also provide home-based salon services, which too is pretty awesome. Take it from me as I freshly experienced their salon home services. I must admit, I am quite satisfied with their services.

YLG Home Service Review



As I have already mentioned at the beginning of the blog, I booked for a home server with the YLG home salon. I did so after reading the positive comments about their services everywhere. I thought why not give it a shot?

Being punctual is what marks the first good expression. The operator from the YLG salon hit the bell button of our house exactly on time! The time that she mentioned, she came up exactly at the time without me getting the chance to even look at my watch.

After I guided her to the destined room, she calmly arranged all her necessary pieces of stuff on a table. She seemed really experienced as she lay out all her things in no time, managing everything by herself. I was watching her doing so when she put some soothing music on.

After being done with this, she finally came to me and asked about what all I wanted to get done. So I told her about the services that I was looking forward to.


ylg threading

Very interestingly, after hearing about the services I wanted, she did not start working immediately rather she asked me about how I wanted to get these services done. She also explained to me the various types of options that were available and their advantages and for which skin they are suitable. Unlike most other salons where they want to put their own decisions upon us, this kind lady from YLG salon let me decide for myself without trying to insinuate me in any way.

Services that I wanted were pedicure, waxing, and threading. So, after she explained to me about the various options available in waxing and pedicure, I chose for myself the chocolate pedicure and gold wax.

Thus, before starting with the services, she very patiently listened to my requirements and understood it. She then started working, keeping in mind my comfort.







She seemed like a friend to me as she was communicating with me in a very cool and friendly manner. I am not sure whether it is due to the fact that we communicated almost throughout the tenure of waxing or is it because she was an expert in this matter but the waxing actually did not hurt much. Even if it did hurt, it would not have lasted long as she did the waxing very swiftly and fast.

An overall overview of the service:

I must say that they really know how to pamper the customer’s skin and their customers. Some of the things that really impressed me can be summed up as

  • The operator was really friendly and quite understanding.
  • They maintained the hygiene and did not leave back any mess in my home.
  • The service provider was great when it came to being able to analyze the comfort level.
  • Most importantly, the lady from the salon came on time.

I cannot deny that I thoroughly enjoyed the YLG home salon services and definitely look forward to their services again in the future.

you all can fill out the form to get discounts on their products and services, anytime you try to avail the luxury.


after service

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