25 Most Sought After Bridal Necklace Types

Bridal jewellery shopping is both thrilling and difficult. There are so many stunning designs available but unfortunately, you only have to pick one. So, the final choice must be something that has the prowess to enhance your bridal outfit and bridal hairstyles by multi-folds.

To make sure of that, it is important to know a thing or two about bridal necklaces. In this article, we have jotted down some of the most popular bridal necklace types. Check them out and know what’s best for your big day!

• Rani Haar

These lavish necklaces are long and often multi-layered. They give a royal feel to the whole bridal attire. If you are wearing a V-neck blouse, you would want to add a rani haar as its length complements the deep neckline. It can also be used as a statement necklace if your blouse is simple. Most of the times rani haar is paired with a choker necklace to create a stunning look. 

• Choker Necklace

Over the past few years, choker necklaces have become quite popular and that’s why you would have seen many brides adorning them on their wedding day. You can easily pair a choker necklace on a strapless or a low neckline. One thing about choker necklaces is that they can be paired well with other necklaces and they look wonderful on both Lehengas and Indo-western gowns. 


• Navratan Necklace

Navratan jewellery also got popular due to its sparkling designs. You would have also seen Mira Rajput wearing a navratan necklace at her wedding with Shahid Kapoor. The famous designer Masaba Gupta has also adorned it. What makes navratan necklaces stunning is their unique style that has nine different precious and semi-precious gems (emerald,pearl, ruby, red coral, diamond, blue sapphire, yellow sapphire, cat’s eye, and hessonite). You can also check this website to purchase gemstone necklace that suits your style.

• Gulbandh Necklace

If you want a safe option, you can try Gulbandh. This is the most basic style of necklaces that just sits just below the collarbone. It is also known as a Princess necklace. If your blouse has a round or sweetheart neckline, you should go for gulbandh with Polki & Pearl style. Other than that, you can also style this necklace by wearing it over a closed-neck blouse, especially if your necklace features precious stones.

• Bib Necklace

Bib necklace, as the name suggests, has a shape similar to a baby’s bib. They are typically large in size. You can wear it as a statement necklace. Bib necklaces also have crescent hanging, that are quite popular nowadays. There is one thing you should keep in mind: if you have a short neck, you should try to avoid this necklace. Also, avoid big earrings when you are wearing a bib necklace. 

• Collar Necklace

They are quite to chokers but the difference is that collar necklaces lie closer to the collarbone. Collar necklaces look great with sweetheart or round necklaces. Just make sure that neckline is low enough so that there is space between the necklace & the blouse. This helps the jewellery stand out. You can check some necklace design with price to know what is the current price in the market.


Extra Tips

Now that you know the different types of bridal necklaces, here are some extra tips on how to buy the best necklace. Read on:

• Fix a budget in advance and then go for the necklace shopping. This way you can make sure that you do not end up splurging a lot. 

• While buying a necklace, make sure you also keep your skin tone in mind. Select pieces that flatter your skin tone and suit you the best. 

• It is better to buy two or more necklaces instead of buying a heavy one. This way you can style them individually on different outfits later.

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