Monsoon is one of the most romantic seasons of all times! There goes a saying that if you and your partner get drenched together in the first shower during the monsoon, your love is likely to last for as long as forever…

But hey! Did you know that doing so would help in the manifestation of germ in your body and you are likely to catch flu! Even if one does not get drenched in the rain, during monsoon people are more likely to fall sick, catch flu and what not!


However, if you manage to eat healthily then that will help you stay fit and healthy without monsoon taking a toll on your body and skin. So let us take a minute to look at the list of all the healthy food habits that can help us keep the germs and flu at bay.

Boiling Water


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The benefits of drinking water are relentless. However, it is important to know the exact temperature of the water that needs to be drunk during different seasons. During monsoon it is important to drink water in order to stay well hydrated.

Boiling the water will kill any germ that could have possibly manifested due to the heavy rainfall outside. Moreover, drinking lukewarm water will flush out all the toxins from the body and keep the digestive system and the body happy.

Seasonal Fruits


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Fruits are another must have food habit in our everyday diet. Some fruits are available and are good for each and every season whereas some fruits are seasonal. Seasonal fruits must be included in our everyday diet to help maintain our health and to keep the immune system strong.

Some of the seasonal fruits that are available in the market only during monsoon and are very helpful are pomegranates, bananas, peaches, pears, and avocados. These fruits are not only delicious but also extremely healthy.

Avoid Raw Veggies and Raw Sprouts

Avoid Raw-Veggies-and-Raw-Sprouts

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It is better to avoid any raw veggies and raw sprouts as they carry germs and harmful bacteria in them during the rainy season. Even before cooking the green veggies or the healthy sprouts, make sure to wash them thoroughly to wash off as many germs as possible.

Avoid Junks


During the monsoon, make sure to stay away from any kind of junk food, no matter how tempting they get. Ladies, I know this is going to be hard for you but stay away from pani puri as well, as they are another problem causing, tempting junk food.

Drink Green Tea


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Green tea is an anti-bacterial herbal tea and thus boosts our immunity system. Thus, drinking green tea during monsoon or during any other season, as a matter of fact, is highly recommended. Green tea is also great antioxidants.

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